10 Facts about Bhangra Music

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Find out the explanation about the popular music of India in Facts about Bhangra Music. This upbeat music is always associated with Punjabi culture. Have you listened to Bhangra music before? In 1980s, the first and second generation immigrants from the Punjab developed the music in Britain. They were from India and Pakistan. They took the inspiration of the music from the Punjab music and Western music. Here are some interesting facts about Bhangra music for you:

Facts about Bhangra Music 1: the Punjabi folk music

In 1990s, Punjabi folk music replaced Bhangra music. The root of this music was formed when some Punjabi bands explored the western musical styles. It is mixed with Punjab traditional music.

Facts about Bhangra Music 2: the famous groups

The famous pioneers of Bhangra music groups include and ‘The Saathies’, ‘The Jambo Boys’, ‘The Black Mist’, and ‘The Shots’.

Bhangra Music and Dance

Bhangra Music and Dance

Facts about Bhangra Music 3: Bhujhangy Group

Bhujhangy Group is considered as the first recording artist or group in United Kingdom who applied the Bhangra Music. In 1967, this group was established in Birmingham by Balbir Singh Khanpur and Dalbir Singh Khanpur.

Facts about Bhangra Music 4: the major hit

In the beginning of 1970s, “Bhabiye Akh Larr Gayee” became the first major hit from Bhujhangy Group. Oriental Star Agencies label in Birmingham released the album. It was considered as the first song which reflected the traditional Asian music and modern western music. Get facts about Baroque music here.

Facts about Bhangra Music

Facts about Bhangra Music

Facts about Bhangra Music 5: the popularity

Due to the increased popularity of Bhangra music in Britain, the Punjabi folk music was decreased in popularity. It stayed away from the repetitive sound of the Punjabi folk music for Bhangra music was often infused with rock music.

Facts about Bhangra Music 6: the sales of Bhangra music

The sales of Bhangra music in 1980s were very high.  In a week, there were more than 30,000 cassettes of Bhangra artists sold in United Kingdom.

Bhangra Music Hits

Bhangra Music Hits

Facts about Bhangra Music 7: the chart

Even though the sales of Bhangra music were great, you would not find any of them sitting on the Top 40 UK Chart.

Facts about Bhangra Music 8: bhangraheads

Bhangraheads was considered as the golden age of Bhangra music in 1980s. It lasted from 1985 to 1993.

Bhangra Music Festival

Bhangra Music Festival

Facts about Bhangra Music 9: the characteristics of Bhangra music in the golden age

During the golden age, the Bhangra music was characterized the usage of a guitar, accordion, harmonium or synthesizer on the riff or melody. Find out Banjo facts here.

Facts about Bhangra Music 10: the composer or musician

The composers and musicians got more attention from the fans than the vocalists.

Bhangra Music

Bhangra Music

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