10 Facts about Bhutan

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Find the country which has the official name of Kingdom of Bhutan in Facts about Bhutan. The country is located at the eastern end of Himalayas. Bhutan is included as a landlocked country. It is bordered by India to the south, east and west. China borders the country on the north. Thimphu is considered as the largest city as well as the capital of Bhutan. Here are some interesting facts about Bhutan for you:

Facts about Bhutan 1: the happiest country in Asia

It was very surprising to know that Bhutan is called as the happiest country in Asia based on the Business Week after it conducted a global survey in 2006.  In the world, it took the eighth place of the happiest country.

Facts about Bhutan 2: the total area of Bhutan

Bhutan has the total landscape area of 18,000 square miles or 46,500 km square in 1997. In 2002, the total area of the landscape was 14,824 square miles.  Bhutan is the home to different kinds of landscape. In the north, you can find the subalpine Himalayan. In the south, you can check the subtropical plains.

Bhutan Culture

Bhutan Culture

Facts about Bhutan 3: the religions in Bhutan

Vajrayana Buddhism is considered as the state religion in Bhutan.  There are around 770,000 people who embrace Buddhism. The second largest religion in the country is Hinduism.

Facts about Bhutan 4: the government system

The first general election was conducted in Bhutan in 2008 after it moved from the absolute monarchy to the constitutional monarchy.

Bhutan Nature

Bhutan Nature

Facts about Bhutan 5: the culture and tradition

The unique culture and tradition of Bhutan make this attractive in the world. The country was isolated until 1960s. Therefore, the culture is pure and unique.

Facts about Bhutan 6: The Last Shangri-La

The nickname of Bhutan is the Last Shangri-La. It gains the name because of the unspoiled cultural heritage and natural environment. Find out facts about Bahrain to find out another country.

Bhutan Pic

Bhutan Pic

Facts about Bhutan 7: the visitors

The country is not accessible for the foreign people due to the high cost. The tourists who have low budget find it expensive. They have to pay $250 per day even though it covers the expensive for meal, lodging and travel.

Facts about Bhutan 8: the free entry

The people who came from Bangladesh and India can enjoy a free entry in Bhutan.

Facts about Bhutan

Facts about Bhutan

Facts about Bhutan 9: the smoking regulation

In Bhutan, it is illegal for us to smoke in public.  The first nation which bans smoking is this country. If the person violates the law, he or she has to pay $232 for the fine. Get facts about Bermuda here.

Facts about Bhutan 10: the national dress

Gho is called as the national dress for Bhutanese men. The kira is the dress worn by the women. This ankle length dress will be accompanied with a long sleeved blouse.

Bhutan Facts

Bhutan Facts

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