10 Facts about Bible

Friday, June 26th 2015. | Religion

Get the interesting Facts about Bible if you want to know the collections of sacred texts in Christianity and Judaism. If you think that there is a single bible in the world, you are wrong. There are many Bibles in the world and each of them has varying context. Bible is a religious book for them. If you want to know the history and valuable information about Bible, check the following post below:

Facts about Bible 1: the sales

Bible is very popular in the world. It is considered as the bestselling book all of the time. It is sold around 100 million copies every year. The total sales of this book are more than five billion copies.

Facts about Bible 2: the mass printed book

Bible is considered as the first mass printed book. It affects the history and literature. The first Bible printed with moveable type is the Gutenberg Bible.

Bible Pic

Bible Pic

Facts about Bible 3: Tanakh

Tanakh is the term used to call the scriptures of Judaism. The non Jewish people often call the scriptures of Judaism as Bible and Old Testament. There is only one Jewish Bible. The content is presented and collected into the sacred book. On the other hand, the Bible for the Christian people is varied between traditions.

Facts about Bible 4: Jewish scripture

The original Christian Old and New Testaments were written in Koine Greek. If you check the Jewish Scripture, it uses Hebrew language. There are 24 books in the Tanakh. If we talk about the Jewish Bible, it always refers to the Hebrew Bible since the texts are written in Hebrew.

Facts about Bible

Facts about Bible

Facts about Bible 5: the parts of Jewish Bible

There are three parts in Jewish Bible. Those are the Torah, the Nevi’im and the Ketuvim. Find out facts about Bar Mitzvah.

Facts about Bible 6: The Christian Old Testament

If you scrutinize the Christian Old Testament, it has more than 24 books of the Jewish Bible. The version of the Christian Bible is various.  It often features extra material with different names and ordering of the book.

Bible Texts

Bible Texts

Facts about Bible 7: the similarities

Even though the Christian Bible has different versions, it has a similarity. All of them were originally written in Greek.

Facts about Bible 8: the number of the Christian bibles

The number of the Christian bibles based on the Ethiopian Orthodox church canon is around 81 books, while the protestant canon is around 66 books.

Bible Facts

Bible Facts

Facts about Bible 9: the Old Testament

The Old Testament is considered as the first part of the Christian Bible. Get facts about Benedictine rule here.

Facts about Bible 10: the additional material

The additional books and passages are included in the bible of the Catholic Church and eastern Christian Churches.



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