10 Facts about Bichon

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The type of the non sporting dog breed is elaborated in Facts about Bichon. The common characteristics of Bichon are seen on the dropped ears, dark eyes, and short snout. It also has the tail curled at the back. However, the physical appearance of Bichon is various. In North America, the term Bichon is used to call Bichon Frise.  This dog breed can live around 15 years. Get more interesting facts about Bichon in the following post below:

Facts about Bichon 1: the bichon’s name

The bichon’s name is appointed based on the originated regions of the animals. The Bichon Maltais is the type of bichon from Maltese. The bichon from Bolognese is called Bichon Bolognese. The bichon from Canary Island is called Bichon Tenerife.

Facts about Bichon 2: the popularity of bichon

Bichons were considered as the popular dogs in some European countries such as Spain, Italy and France during the medieval Europe.

Bichon Facts

Bichon Facts

Facts about Bichon 3: Bichon Maltese

If you are interested to know the ancient dog type, look at Bichon Maltese. It has the dropped ears and long hair. The name of this dog is always related to Melita during the ancient Greek and Roman era.

Facts about Bichon 4: Coton de Tulear

Coton de Tulear is a great pet to have. This bichon is available in various colors. It is a product of the modern breed because of the natural selection.

Facts about Bichon

Facts about Bichon

Facts about Bichon 5: the pure white bichon

If you want a pure white bichon, you can pick the Bolognese bichon. This animal is cute and charming. In 11th century, this dog was owned by the people in Bologna Italy as a toy dog. Check beaver facts here.

Facts about Bichon 6: Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise has the curled coat. This modern breed is created after it is combined with barbets and poodles.  The people who live in North America, France, Italy and Great Britain love to have the Bichon Frise than Bichon Maltase.

Bichon White

Bichon White

Facts about Bichon 7: Bichon Havanais

Bichon Havanais has something to do with Cuba. It has the silky and wavy coat. The people who own Bichon Havanais prefer to have this dog with long hair.

Facts about Bichon 8: Bolonka

Another breed is Bolonka. The coat of this bichon is long, wavy and multicolored.  This bichon is a combination of silky terriers and poodles.



Facts about Bichon 9: the decreased popularity

In 1800s, the popularity of bichon was decreased rapidly until the beginning of 20th century. Find out Bengal facts here.

Facts about Bichon 10: bichon today

Today, the popularity of bichon is increased again because they are lovely and suitable for a pet in the house.



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