10 Facts about Bicycles

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If you are interested to find out the detail information about a pedal driven vehicle, you have to check Facts about Bicycles. It is one of the greenest means of transportation. It is a human powered vehicle which has two wheels.  The people who ride a bike are called a bicyclist or cyclist. Some people often call bicycle as a cycle or bike. Here are other interesting facts about bicycles below:

Facts about Bicycles 1: the first introduction of bike

In the 19th century, the bicycle was first introduced to the European people. The total production of bicycle based on the report in 2003 was around a billion pieces. It is considered as one of the most used means of transportation in various regions in the world.

Facts about Bicycles 2: the recreational activity

Bike is not only used to transport the people.  It is also used as a form of recreational activity. When you are bored, you can cycle the bike and enjoy the mountainous view and green area in the neighborhood.

Holland Bicycles

Holland Bicycles

Facts about Bicycles 3: the application

Bike is very important in various applications. It can be used in courier services, police application, military application, bike racing and general fitness.

Facts about Bicycles 4: the shape and design of a bicycle

The design of bicycle has been improved from time to time. In 1885, the first chain drive model of a bike has been developed. Due to the increased technology, people can enjoy high quality and fabulous bike.



Facts about Bicycles 5: the important components

There are several important components that you can find in the bike which play an important role for the development of automobile. Those components include the pneumatic tires, ball bearings, tension spoked wheels and chain driven sprockets.

Facts about Bicycles 6: the first usage of the word bicycle

In 1868, the English print in The Daily News used the word bicycle for the first time.

Bicycles Facts

Bicycles Facts

Facts about Bicycles 7: Draisienne or laufmaschine

The German Baron Karl von Drais invented Draisienne or laufmaschine. It was the dandy horse which had two wheels. In the summer 1817 in Mannheim and in 1818 in Paris, this bike was showcased in public.

Facts about Bicycles 8: the categorization of bicycle

Today, bicycle comes in different types. It can be categorized based on the general construction, function, number of riders, means of propulsion and gearing. Find out another transportation in aircraft facts.

Facts about Bicycles

Facts about Bicycles

Facts about Bicycles 9: the common types of bicycle

If you check the types of bicycle in the market, you can find the hybrid bike, touring bike, racing bike, utility bike, cruiser bike, and mountain bike.

Facts about Bicycles 10: the unique models of bicycle

If you are interested with the unique models of a bike, you can check the fixed gear bike, tall bike, or even amphibious bike. Get facts about air balloon here.

Bicycle Design

Bicycle Design

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