10 Facts about Big Cats

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Facts about Big Cats talk about the great cats. They include snow leopard, leopard, jaguar, lion and tiger. All of them are included in genus Panthera. The term big cats are used by the people to differentiate the larger cats with the smaller cats. It is just an informal biological classification.  All of them can roar. If you check the expansive classification of big cats, cheetah and cougar are included here.

Facts about Big Cats 1: the medium sized cat

The medium sized cat is the cat which has the body of between the small and big cats.  One example of this cat is clouded leopard.

Facts about Big Cats 2: the behavior and structure

Most big cats have the similar structure or behavior. But cheetah is very different. Compared to the big and small cats, cheetah more stands out.

Big Cats

Big Cats

Facts about Big Cats 3: the ranges of big cats

You can find big cats living in Africa, Asia, America and Europe. All of them are included as efficient ape predators. They eat meat.

Facts about Big Cats 4: the roaring of big cats

The big cats can roar. They have this ability because of the unique hyoid and larynx. They can produce the roaring sound when the air passes the larynx. It makes the cartilage walls vibrate. Check Bengal cat facts here.

Facts about Big Cats

Facts about Big Cats

Facts about Big Cats 5: the most powerful roar

The big cat which has the most powerful and robust roar is lion. It is due to the fact that lion has the longest larynx.

Facts about Big Cats 6: the threat

The number of big cats is decreased from time to time.  This condition is caused by poaching and habitat destruction. The big cats in Africa are hunted by the people too.

Big Cat

Big Cat

Facts about Big Cats 7: the protected shelter for the big cats

Some protected shelters created by the people to conserve the big cats include Tanzania’s Serengeti, Kenya’s Masai Mara, and Botswana’s Chobe.  You can spot hyenas, lions, cheetahs and leopards there.

Facts about Big Cats 8: evolutionary relationships

The evolutionary relationships of big cats are explained in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution published in 2010.

Big Cat Pictures

Big Cat Pictures

Facts about Big Cats 9: the result of the study

If you check the study, it was revealed that tiger and snow leopard were the sister species. The big cats like leopard, lion and jaguar were related.

Facts about Big Cats 10: the tallest species

In the cat family, the tallest living species of cat is lion. It is the member of genus panthera. The big cat in genus puma is cougar, while cheetah is included in genus acinonyx. Find out Bengal tiger facts here.

Big Cat Facts

Big Cat Facts

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