10 Facts about Bigfoot

Friday, June 26th 2015. | Mythology

Facts about Bigfoot tell you about the hominid like creature which live in the Pacific Northwest area of North America. Some people often call the Bigfoot as Sasquatch.  This creature represents the bipedal, hairy and large humanoid. However, the existence of Bigfoot is in doubt. The scientists believe that it is the combination of hoax, misidentification and folklore. Get more interesting facts about Bigfoot below:

Facts about Bigfoot 1: the lack of physical evidence

The Bigfoot’s existence is still on a debate because of the lack physical evidence. The scientists who researched the alleged creatures included Grover Krantz and Jeffrey Meldrum.

Facts about Bigfoot 2: the physical description

As I have stated before, Bigfoot is described as a hairy and large ape like creature.  The weight can reach 230 kilograms or 500 pounds. It can reach the height at 6.6 to 9.8 feet. The hair color which covers the body can be in dark reddish color or dark brown.

Bigfoot Creature

Bigfoot Creature

Facts about Bigfoot 3: the descriptions of Bigfoot

The people who claimed to spot Bigfoot stated that the creature had the low set forehead, crested and rounded head and a pronounced brow ridge. Moreover, they said that the creature had bad odor.

Facts about Bigfoot 4: the footprints

The alleged creature is named Bigfoot due to the enormous footprints. It can reach the width at 8 inches or 20 cm with the length at 60 cm or 24 inches.

Facts about Bigfoot

Facts about Bigfoot

Facts about Bigfoot 5: the numbers of toes

Bigfoot is just like all known apes. They have five toes.  But there are some types of Bigfoot which have two to six toes. Find out ape facts here.

Facts about Bigfoot 6: the claw marks

Other people believe that Bigfoot has claw marks which resemble the bear’s claws.



Facts about Bigfoot 7: the nocturnal animals

The witnesses also claim that Bigfoot is the nocturnal animal. It means that this creature is very active when the dark comes. Moreover, it is omnivorous.

Facts about Bigfoot 8: Wild Men

The story about Bigfoot can be traced back among the population of indigenous people who lived in Pacific Northwest.  It was called the Wild Men stories. The detail about the Wild men stories was different according to the families and regions. This story can be found in all continents except Antarctica.

Bigfoot Facts

Bigfoot Facts

Facts about Bigfoot 9: the folk history

The folk history in various cultures in the world always contains a human like giants. That’s the statement of Robert Michael Pyle, an ecologist. Find out another mythological character in Arachne facts.

Facts about Bigfoot 10: hoaxes

In some cases, the footprints and sightings of Bigfoot are considered hoaxes.

Bigfoot Pic

Bigfoot Pic

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