10 Facts about Bihar

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Let me show you the state in East India by reading Facts about Bihar. Bihar is considered as the third largest state in India based on the population. Compared to any states in India, it has the fastest growing population.  The total area of Bihar is 36,357 square miles or 94,163 km square. It is considered as the 13th largest state in the country. Here are other interesting facts about Bihar below:

Facts about Bihar 1: the boundaries

You can find out Nepal to the north, Uttar Pradesh to the west, Jharkhand to the south and West Bengal to the east. The southern Bihar was separated from Bihar and formed Jharkhand in 2000.

Facts about Bihar 2: River Ganges

River Ganges divides Bihar in two parts. This river flows from the west to the east.

Bihar People

Bihar People

Facts about Bihar 3: the people in Bihar

It is found out that 58 percent of the people who inhabit Bihar have the age less than 25 years old.

Facts about Bihar 4: the official languages

The official languages in Bihar include Hindi and Urdu. But the local people also speak different languages  such as Angika, Bajjika, Magahi, Bhojpuri and Maithili. However, the government only recognizes Maithili.

Bihar Facts

Bihar Facts

Facts about Bihar 5: the ancient and classical India

India is famous with its classical and ancient culture. During the time, Bihar was the center of culture, learning and power. It became the witnesses the formation about the Maurya Empire, Magadha empires and Buddhism.

Facts about Bihar 6: Mithila painting

This Indian styled of painting was applied by the artists in Mithila, Bihar. The pigment used to color the painting is from the colored powdered rice.

Facts about Bihar

Facts about Bihar

Facts about Bihar 7: the folk singing

The folk singing is one of the important traditions in Bihar.  This old tradition is always performed during the festivals, birth ceremonies and marriage. The groups of singers will perform it without any instruments. However, the typical musical instruments used during the performance include Harmonium, Tabla, Bansuri and Dholak. Get  Facts about Arunachal Pradesh here.

Facts about Bihar 8: the folk dances

There are various folk dances performed by the people in Bihar such as Rah Baba, Kathghorwa Nach, Jhumarnach, Manjhi, Gondnach, Natua Nach, Nat-Natin, and many more.

Bihar State

Bihar State

Facts about Bihar 9: the film industry

The film industry in Bihar is flourished.  The famous one is Bhojpuri-language films. But it also produces the small scale Angika, Magadhi, Maithili language films. Find out a state in Germany in facts about Bavaria.

Facts about Bihar 10: Bihari Cuisine

The Bihar cuisine is influenced a lot of the Hindu and Buddhist values.  The cuisines are mostly for vegetarians.



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