10 Facts about Bill Clinton

Sunday, June 28th 2015. | Politics

Facts about Bill Clinton tell you about the former president of United States.  Let’s take a look at the interesting side of Clinton. This former president is capable of playing saxophone. He was also the member of the Democrat political party. If you want to know more about Clinton, let’s check the following explanation below:

Facts about Bill Clinton 1: date and place of birth

Bill Clinton was born in Hope, Arkansas on 19 August 1946. Before he was born, he had to lose his father due to the car collision. His original name was William Jefferson Blythe IV. It was selected after the name of his biological father. However, he decided to change his name legally when he was 16 years old. He chose the name of his stepfather.

Facts about Bill Clinton 2: the nickname

Bubba was his nickname when he was very young. When the mother was in the training to become a nurse, his maternal grandparents raised him and his brother.

Bill Clinton Facts

Bill Clinton Facts

Facts about Bill Clinton 3: the education

Clinton had wonderful education. He studied at Georgetown University in Washington DC after he got scholarship. He met his future wife, Hillary Clinton when he studied at Yale Law School.

Facts about Bill Clinton 4: marriage

Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton married on 11 October 1975 in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Their daughter is Chelsea Victoria.

Bill Clinton Pic

Bill Clinton Pic

Facts about Bill Clinton 5: the presidency

In 1993, he became the 42nd president of United States of America. At that time, Clinton was 46 years old. Clinton took the record as the second president who was impeached and disgraced. But he was in the office for eight years. Check facts about Being President here.

Facts about Bill Clinton 6: the bomb explosion

A terrorist attack killed six people and wounded 1000 people at the World Trade Center in New York City after a bomb exploded on 26 February 1993. Due to this attack, Clinton addressed his people the following day.

Bill Clinton Image

Bill Clinton Image

Facts about Bill Clinton 7: The Lewinsky Scandal

People will never forget about The Lewinsky Scandal in which Bill was claimed to have a relationship with Monica Lewinsky. At first, Bill denied the rumor. Later, he admitted it. Due to this scandal, he was impeached in 1998.

Facts about Bill Clinton 8: the wife

Hillary Clinton is a wonderful wife. She is considered as the only wife of former US president who also run for public office. In 2002, she was elected in US senate.

Bill Clinton Speech

Bill Clinton Speech

Facts about Bill Clinton 9: saxophone

Clinton can play saxophone well. You can find him playing this instrument in the Family Guy. Get facts about Benito Juarez here.

Facts about Bill Clinton 10: surgeries

In 2004, he had bypass surgery. He had another surgery on his arteries in 2010.

Facts about Bill Clinton

Facts about Bill Clinton

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