10 Facts about Bill Cosby

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Facts about Bill Cosby present the information about the famous actor and comedian Bill Cosby. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 12 July 1937 as William Henry Cosby, Jr. His mother was Anna Cosby. His father worked as a US Navy mess steward. His name was William Henry, Sr. On 25 January 1964, Bill married Camille Hanks. Let’s find out the interesting facts about Bill Cosby below:

Facts about Bill Cosby 1: the education and military service

In 1956 till 1960, he had military service. In 1961 till 1962, he went to Temple University. In 1972, he got M.A. from University of Massachusetts at Amherst. In 1997, he got Ed.D from University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Facts about Bill Cosby 2: the nomination

Bill Cosby was nominated for 8 Primetime Emmy Awards.  He won four. He also won nine Grammy awards and was nominated for 17 Grammy Awards.

Facts about Bill Cosby

Facts about Bill Cosby

Facts about Bill Cosby 3: working as a comedian

He worked as a comedian at Gaslight café after he left school and relocated to New York City in 1962. Find out another actor in Facts about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Facts about Bill Cosby 4: the song and album

“Bill Cosby Is a Very Funny Fellow … Right!” was his first recording. It was released in 1963. “I Started Out As a Child” was his second album that he released in 1964.  It made him earned a Grammy for Best Comedy Performance.

Bill Cosby Pic

Bill Cosby Pic

Facts about Bill Cosby 5: I Spy

I Spy was the famous NBC show. Cosby became an undercover CIA agent name Alexander Scott in 1965 till 1968.  Due to his excellent performance, he was awarded with three Emmy Awards for Best Actor.

Facts about Bill Cosby 6: “The Bill Cosby Special”

“The Bill Cosby Special” also made him win another Emmy award for Outstanding Variety or Musical Program. “The Bill Cosby Show” was the NBC program. He was a P.E. teacher named Chet Kincaid in 1969 till 1971. Find out another celebrity in facts about Beyonce.

Bill Cosby Image

Bill Cosby Image

Facts about Bill Cosby 7: Ennis

Ennis was the only son of Bill Cosby. He was robbed and killed on 16 January 1997. At that time, he stopped to fix his flat tire on Los Angeles highway. Mikhail Markhasev was the robber and murderer of Ennis. He was sentenced for a life prison in July 1998.

Facts about Bill Cosby 8: Autumn Jackson

Autumn Jackson claimed that she was the illegitimate daughter of Bill Cosby in July 1997. She was imprisoned for 26 months for she was found guilty. She tried to get $40 million dollars from Cosby.

Bill Cosby Facts

Bill Cosby Facts

Facts about Bill Cosby 9: the honor

Bill Cosby is the recipient of Kennedy Center Honors and Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Facts about Bill Cosby 10: sexual assault

Many women claimed that Cosby assaulted them sexually. Those included Janice Dickinson, Joan Tarshis, Barbara Bowman, Judy Huth, and Tamara Green.

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

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