10 Facts about Bill Pickett

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If you are interested to know the notable Wild West performer, you have to check Facts about Bill Pickett. This rodeo and cowboy man was born on 5th December 1870 at Jenks-Branch community of Travis County, Texas as Willie M. Pickett. He died on 2nd April 1932. If you are interested to know about his personal life, career and family, look at the below post:

Facts about Bill Pickett 1: his family life

The ancestry of his family was Cherokee and African American. His father was a former slave named Thomas Jefferson Pickett. His mother was Mary Janie Gilbert. There were 13 kids in the family and he was the second child. The young Bill had 8 sisters and 4 brothers.

Facts about Bill Pickett 2: marriage

Maggie Turner was the wife of Pickett that he married in 1890. The father of his wife was a white owner of southern plantation. She was a former slave too. Both were blessed with nine kids.

Bill Pickett Image

Bill Pickett Image

Facts about Bill Pickett 3: career

He decided to become a ranch hand after he left school in the fifth grade.  He liked to watch the longhorn steers and started to ride horses. Get facts about Bernie Mac here.

Facts about Bill Pickett 4: bulldogging technique

Pickett was famous with bulldogging technique.  This skill was used to grab the cattle. Pickett wrestled them to the ground. At first, this skill was seen on the trained bulldog.   Pickett decided to adapt this skill since he believed that not only a bulldog could do it.

Bill Pickett Facts

Bill Pickett Facts

Facts about Bill Pickett 5: the fame

Pickett rose to fame due to his amazing bulldogging skill. Then he formed The Pickett Brothers Bronco Busters and Rough Riders Association along with his four brothers.

Facts about Bill Pickett 6: the bulldogging act

It seems that the people were interested to know the bulldogging act of Pickett. His name was always associated with successful rodeos. There is no need to wonder that he could travel to various regions such as Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma and Wyoming to show his bulldogging act.

Bill Pickett Pictures

Bill Pickett Pictures

Facts about Bill Pickett 7: 101 Ranch Wild West Show

101 Ranch Wild West Show was very famous in United States. Pickett became the member of the show in 1905. He performed along with Lucille Mulhall, Will Rogers, Buffalo Bill, Bee Ho Gray, and Tom Mix.

Facts about Bill Pickett 8: the motion picture

Due to his popularity, Pickett appeared in Richard E. Norman’s motion picture. Find out facts about Betty Shabazz here.

Facts about Bill Pickett

Facts about Bill Pickett

Facts about Bill Pickett 9: movies

Pickett took part on the movies such as The Bull-Dogger and The Crimson Skull in 1921.

Facts about Bill Pickett 10: death

Bill Picket died after he was kicked on the head by a bronco in 1932.

Bill Pickett Pic

Bill Pickett Pic

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