10 Facts about Billy Unger

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Let me show you the American martial artist and actor in Facts about Billy Unger. He was born on 15 October 1995 as William Brent Unger. His nickname is Billy.  He rose to fame when he was in the Disney XD sitcom Lab Rats. He took the role as Chase Davenport. Here are other interesting Billy Unger facts for you:

Facts about Billy Unger 1: acting

Unger was interested in acting since he was young. When he was 11 years old, he and his family relocated to Los Angeles.

Facts about Billy Unger 2: hobbies

Unger has a lot of hobbies that he does when he has free time. He likes to play guitar, do hip-hop dancing, play skateboard and surf on the beach.

Billy Unger

Billy Unger

Facts about Billy Unger 3: movies and TV series

You can see Unger appeared in different kinds of movies and TV series. You can check out his acting skill at Desperate Housewives and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Facts about Billy Unger 4: You Again

You Again was a movie released in 2010.  Unger was the supporting actor in the movie. Due to his adorable role, he was awarded with a young Artist Awards. In 2007, he took the role as Charles Gates along with Nicolas Cage in National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

Facts about Billy Unger

Facts about Billy Unger

Facts about Billy Unger 5: the family life

Unger has an elder sister named Erin Unger. Eric Unger is his brother.

Facts about Billy Unger 6: the place of birth

Unger was born on 15 October 1995 in Palm Beach County, Florida. In 2006, he relocated to Hollywood with his family. Now he and his family live in Studio City, California.

Billy Unger Image

Billy Unger Image

Facts about Billy Unger 7: the role in Lab Rats

Lab Rats is a new Disney series. Unger gets the role as Chase in the TV series. He is the youngest   of 3 super human teenagers. Check Beyonce facts here.

Facts about Billy Unger 8: playing guitar

Fair Warning is the name of Unger’s band. In 2013, this band had a tour. The bassist is Marcelo Feldman, while the singer is Travis Cormier. Unger becomes the guitarist.

Billy Unger Facts

Billy Unger Facts

Facts about Billy Unger 9: Instagram

If you are interested with Billy Unger, you can check his Instagram.  The audiences of Lab Rats are very happy since Billy will reprise his role as Chase for the season four of Lab Rats. It was officially confirmed in his Instagram on 14th of August. Find out facts about Betty White here.

Facts about Billy Unger 10: movies and TV series

Unger can be seen playing as an actor in Ghost Whisperer, Hawthorne, No Ordinary Family, Rock Slyde, Monster Mutt, and Opposite Day.

Billy Unger Pic

Billy Unger Pic

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