10 Facts about Binary Code

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Facts about Binary Code talk about the computer processor instructions or text instructions which use the binary number system. 0 and 1 are considered as the two binary digits. The code is very important for the telecommunication and computing. The people have to apply the binary code when they want to encode data. Let’s find out more interesting facts about binary code below:

Facts about Binary Code 1: the methods

There are two common methods of binary code.  Both include the variable width strings and fixed width strings.

Facts about Binary Code 2: the fixed-width binary code

A bit of string will be used to represent the character, digit or even letter in fixed width binary code. The binary number is interpreted by that bit string. The notation can be in the form of octal, hexadecimal or decimal.

Facts about Binary Code

Facts about Binary Code

Facts about Binary Code 3: the decimal number

The decimal number can be used to interpret the bit string. For instance, you can use the decimal number 97 if you have the bit string 01100001.

Facts about Binary Code 4: Gottfried Leibniz

In 1679, Gottfried Leibniz discovered the basis for binary code and modern binary number system. If you check his work, you need to look at his article with the title Explication de l’Arithmétique Binaire. In English, the title means “Explanation of the binary arithmetic”. Based on his article, the binary number uses 0 and 1.

Binary Code

Binary Code

Facts about Binary Code 5: Leibniz’s theology

Based on the point of view of Leibniz, he believes that binary number is very important in the creation of nothing of Christian idea of creatio ex nihilo. It plays a central part in his theology. Find out Alan Turing facts here.

Facts about Binary Code 6: George Boole

In 1847, ‘The Mathematical Analysis of Logic’ was a paper published by George Boole. He was a philosopher and mathematician. The paper talked about the Boolean algebra. It was an algebraic system of logic created based on the binary system. The basic operation of Boolean algebra based on AND, OR and NOT.

Binary Code Pic

Binary Code Pic

Facts about Binary Code 7: Claude Shannon

Claude Shannon was a graduate student of Massachusetts Institute of Technology who made the people aware with the Boolean algebra. He used it in his 1937 thesis. The use of the binary code for the practical application was started from the thesis of Shannon. It is applied in electric circuits and computer. Get facts about Algebra here.

Facts about Binary Code 8: types of binary codes

If you think that the binary code is always the form of bit string, you are wrong. It can be found in a simple true of false test or switch in an electronic system.

Binary Code Facts

Binary Code Facts

Facts about Binary Code 9: Braille

Another binary code is Braille. The blind people use it to write and read.

Facts about Binary Code 10: his system in Braille

The Braille code has six dot positions. Each column has three. The raised and not raised as the two states in each dot.

Binary Codes

Binary Codes

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