10 Facts about Binge Drinking

Wednesday, July 1st 2015. | Health

Let’s find Facts about Binge Drinking in the following post below. Binge drinking is characterized with a series of heavy drinking. It involves the drinking of the alcoholic consumption. It becomes a social habit in some countries in the world. It is very popular even though binge drinking can give a bad impact. Let’s find out more interesting facts about binge drinking below:

Facts about Binge Drinking 1: binge on alcohol

Binge drinking often involves the drinking of alcohol. The activity conducted by the people can last for days or even weeks. Since it involves a large crown of mass, binge drinking becomes the main public health subject.

Facts about Binge Drinking 2: the men and binge drinking

Binge eating is very common on women, but binge drinking is very common on men. During the young adulthood and adolescence, men tend to do binge drinking with their friends.

Binge Drinking Facts

Binge Drinking Facts

Facts about Binge Drinking 3: the health problems

There are some health issues associated with binge drinking.  This bad behavior may affect the health of musculoskeletal organ, immune, hematologic, gastrointestinal, cardiac and neurologic systems

Facts about Binge Drinking 4: the number of binge drinking

More than one third of the adolescences have had binge drinking based on a United States based review. Another report finds out that 1 of 25 women has binge drinking when she is pregnant. This behavior on the pregnant woman can lead into fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and fetal alcohol syndrome.

Facts about Binge Drinking

Facts about Binge Drinking

Facts about Binge Drinking 5: the adolescence and binge drinking

Binge drinking not only affects the health of the people. It also makes people end up in suicide, traffic accidents and violent behavior.

Facts about Binge Drinking 6: psychotropic substances

The report finds out that psychotropic substances are used by many adolescents when they do binge drinking. Find out facts about Alcohol and Drugs here.

Binge Drinking Women

Binge Drinking Women

Facts about Binge Drinking 7: the classification

Binge drinking may occur when women have four drinks and men have five drinks consumed at one time at least once in two weeks.

Facts about Binge Drinking 8: Binge drinking in Australia

When a woman has five or more standard drinks and men have seven or more standard drinks in a single day, they are classified of having binge drinking.

Binge Drinking Teens

Binge Drinking Teens

Facts about Binge Drinking 9: the severe form of binge drinking

The severe form of bring drinking is called industrial strength binge or extreme drinking in United States. Get facts about Alcohol and it effects here.

Facts about Binge Drinking 10: the number of drinks

The extreme drinking occurs when a woman has 8 drinks and men have 10 drinks at one time.

Binge Drinking

Binge Drinking

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