10 Facts about Bioaccumulation

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Facts about bioaccumulation tell you about the accumulation of the substances. This condition is not good for the accumulation contains the chemicals or pesticides inside the body of an organism. If the accumulation of the toxic chemical is very high, it can lead into chronic poisoning. This condition can be predicted by using models in various organisms. Let’s find out the interesting facts about bioaccumulation below:

Facts about Bioaccumulation 1: the difference between bioaccumulation and bioconcentration

Bioaccumulation is used to describe the intake of combined sources which include the air, food and water.  On the other hand, biconcentration applies for more specific term. It is used to call the intake only from water. Get facts about aquatic biome here.

Facts about Bioaccumulation 2: Bioaccumulation of mercury

The mercury poisoning can happen when people use the hat which contains mercury. Do you know that felt used to make hats during the process of stiffening involves mercury? This substance can accumulate on the brain for it can form the methylmercury.

Facts about Bioaccumulation

Facts about Bioaccumulation

Facts about Bioaccumulation 3: tetraethyllead compounds

Tetraethyllead compounds can lead into poisoning too. It can be found on leaded petrol. It can lead into acute poisoning when the compounds are released from the fatty tissues.

Facts about Bioaccumulation 4: affecting the environment

By learning bioaccumulation, you will be able to know the ways the pollutants break into the ecosystem. The harmful substances created due to the human activities include methylmercury and DDT. The activities of coal burning and usage of pesticide make the environment in danger. Get facts about air pollution here.



Facts about Bioaccumulation 5: Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxic substances

PBT stands for Persistent Bioaccumulative Toxic substances. This term is used to call the collective harmful substances.

Facts about Bioaccumulation 6: the occurrence of bioaccumulation

Bioaccumulation occurs when the PBT enters the body of an organism.   The contamination can happen because of skin contact, ingestion, and breathing.

Bioaccumulation Process

Bioaccumulation Process

Facts about Bioaccumulation 7: the food web

Bioaccumulation is dangerous for the ecosystem because the organism which has PBT is still a part of the food chain and ecosystem.

Facts about Bioaccumulation 8: a defense

Bioaccumulation is used by some animals to perform a defense mechanism from the predators. The toxin inside the body is accumulated by consuming toxic animals and plants. Therefore, the predators won’t eat them.

Bioaccumulation Level

Bioaccumulation Level

Facts about Bioaccumulation 9: tobacco hornworm

The tobacco plant is consumed by tobacco hornworm as a self defense. Therefore, the body has high nicotine.

Facts about Bioaccumulation 10: polar bears

Polar bears have a large amount of Vitamin A. The accumulated vitamin A can be considered in toxic level for it is very abundant.

Bioaccumulation Facts

Bioaccumulation Facts

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