10 Facts about Biodiesel

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Facts about Biodiesel tell about the diesel fuel created by refining grease, fat and oil from animals and plants. It will be mixed with standard diesel fuel. The most common type of biodiesel is vegetable oil. It can be found in the form of animal fat based diesel fuel.  When people want to create biodiesel, they will react the alcohol and lipids to produce the fatty acid ester. Let’s find out more interesting facts about biodiesel.

Facts about Biodiesel 1: the standard diesel engine

The standard diesel engine powered by biodiesel is different with the waste oil or vegetable oil. The people can use it alone or mix it with petrodiesel.

Facts about Biodiesel 2: monoalkyl ester

Monoalkyl ester is called as biodiesel by the National Biodiesel Board. It is used as the technical definition.

Facts about Biodiesel

Facts about Biodiesel

Facts about Biodiesel 3:the retail diesel fuel

The most common product that you can find in the retail diesel fuel includes the mixture of hydrocarbon based diesel and biodiesel.

Facts about Biodiesel 4: B factor

The B factor is used to inform the amount of biodiesel in the mixture of diesel fuel. B100 is used to state 100 percent biodiesel. If the biodiesel is labeled B20, it means that it has 80 percent petrodiesel and 20 percent biodiesel. B5 is used to states that the mixture has the combination of 95 percent petrodiesel and 5 percent biodiesel. B2 informs us that it has 98 percent petrodiesel and 2 percent biodiesel.

Biodiesel Picture

Biodiesel Picture

Facts about Biodiesel 5: the blending process

The people can blend B100 with petroleum diesel in various processes.  They can perform the inline mixing, metered pump mixing, splash mixing, or mixing in tanks.

Facts about Biodiesel 6: the injection pump diesel engine

The injection pump diesel engine can be powered by blending the B100 or the pure biodiesel with any concentration of petroleum. Find out Alternative Fuel Facts here.

Biodiesel Image

Biodiesel Image

Facts about Biodiesel 7: Jeep Liberty CRD diesels

Jeep Liberty CRD diesels were the product released by Chrysler in 2005 in the US market. The vehicles were powered by 5 percent biodiesel.

Facts about Biodiesel 8: Volkswagen Group

The biodiesel engine is also used by Volkswagen Group in their vehicles. The company states that their products are compatible with B5 and B100.

Biodiesel Facts

Biodiesel Facts

Facts about Biodiesel 9: the buses

The fish oil based biodiesel is used by the buses in Halifax, Nova Scotia since 2004. Get facts about Alternative Energy Resources here.

Facts about Biodiesel 10: McDonalds of UK

The waste oil byproducts in McDonalds in United Kingdom have been converted into biodiesel.



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