10 Facts about Biodiversity

Thursday, July 2nd 2015. | Environment

Let’s find out the interesting Facts about Biodiversity in the following post below. The diversity is used to call the various types of life that you can find in this planet. When you study about biodiversity, you can find out a lot of variations of ecosystem, genes and species. If you want to check the highest concentration of biodiversity, you have to check it on near the equator. The people believe that the concentration is diverse because of the high productivity and warm climate. Here are some interesting facts about biodiversity for you:

Facts about Biodiversity 1: the distribution

If you think that the biodiversity is distributed evenly in our planet, you are wrong.  If you want to know a lot of variations of biodiversity, check them on the tropics.

Facts about Biodiversity 2: the marine biodiversity

The Western Pacific coast contains the highest concentration of marine biodiversity. It is due to the fact that western pacific has warm temperature.

Marine Biodiversity

Marine Biodiversity

Facts about Biodiversity 3: the environmental changes

The environmental changes affect the biodiversity of earth. It is estimated that more than five billion species on earth are extinct. Therefore, the people will be conscious with their environment. They have to lower the pollutions, plant the trees or save the exotic animals.

Facts about Biodiversity 4: the current species

The reports find out that the current number of species on earth around 10 till 14 million species. 86 percent of those species have not been described and documented by the scientists.  Only 1.2 million species have been studied and documented.

Biodiversity Image

Biodiversity Image

Facts about Biodiversity 5: Brazil’s Atlantic Forest

Biodiversity is divided in several hotspots. One of them is located in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. This forest is a home to millions of insects, 1,350 species of vertebrates and 20,000 plant species.

Facts about Biodiversity 6: the land and marine species

It is estimated that 2.1 million species live in the ocean. The species which live on earth are around 8.7 million species.

Facts about Biodiversity 7: the new species

Each year, the scientists discover around 5,000 to 10,000 new species in the world. Many of them are insects, but most of them have not been classified by the scientists.

Biodiversity Facts

Biodiversity Facts

Facts about Biodiversity 8: the level of biodiversity

The level of biodiversity is influenced by several factors such as the amount of rainfall, length of season and ocean temperature change. Get facts about acid rain here.



Facts about Biodiversity 9: Madagascar

Another biodiversity hotspot is Madagascar. The species that you can find here are unique for 98 percent of them will never be able to survive in other parts of the world. Get facts about Australian rainforest here.

Facts about Biodiversity 10: controlling the climate

To reduce the loss of biodiversity, people should plant trees at schools, parks or home to control the global warming.

Biodiversity Pic

Biodiversity Pic

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