10 Facts about Biology

Friday, July 3rd 2015. | Biology

Facts about Biology talk about the natural science which focuses on the study of living organism and life.  When you check biology, you can learn about taxonomy, distribution, evolution, growth, function and structure.  It is not easy for us to study the whole aspects of biology because this science is very vast.  It is divided in various branches. Let’s find out more interesting facts about biology by reading the following post below:

Facts about Biology 1: the general study of biology

The study of cell is very important in biology. This natural science recognizes it as a basic unit of life in general. The basic unit for the hereditary is called as genes.

Facts about Biology 2: the new species

Today, people can find out the new species, while the original species died in the past. The creator of the new species occur due to the evolution.

Biology DNA

Biology DNA

Facts about Biology 3: the survival or organism

The survival of organism is also the main aspect discussed in biology. The energy that the living organism can gain from the food makes them survive.

Facts about Biology 4: the branches of biology

As I have stated before, biology is divided in various branches.  If you want to know the biology of plants, you can study botany. If you are interested to study about processes which enable the people to know the diversity of life, check the evolutionary biology.

Biology Facts

Biology Facts

Facts about Biology 5: physiology

The chemical and physical functions of the organ system, organs and tissues are explained in physiology. If you want to know the cells as the basic building block of life, learn more about cellular biology.

Facts about Biology 6: the biologist

If you want to call the people whose jobs are to study biology, call them as a biologist.

Biology Picture

Biology Picture

Facts about Biology 7: Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

In 1674, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek took the credit as the first person who was able to see a live cell using a microscope. Find out biologist facts here.

Facts about Biology 8: the environment

If you are interested to study about the relationship of biology with the environment, you can check ecology.

Biology Images

Biology Images

Facts about Biology 9: bacteria

If you think that all bacteria give negative effect to the body, you are wrong. Some of them will never make you sick. The bacteria can help you to make yogurt or even digest the food inside the body. Find out bacteria facts here.

Facts about Biology 10: the treatment

If you have bacterial infection, you can be treated with antibiotic. If you have virus infection, it should be treated using the antiviral drugs.

Facts about Biology

Facts about Biology

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