10 Facts about Biomass

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If you are interested to know about the material created by animals and plants that we can change into energy, you have to read Facts about Biomass. The animals can get the energy by eating plants. The plants can get the energy through the process of photosynthesis from the sun. Let me show you more interesting facts about biomass by reading the following post below:

Facts about Biomass 1: the renewable energy

Biomass is a type of a renewable energy. The people can renew the plants anytime they want as long as the water and land are available.

Facts about Biomass 2: the types of biomass energy

There are many types of biomass used by the people to get the energy. Most people in United States get the biomass from the wood. Manure, corn, and garbage can are used as biomass too.

Biomass Facts

Biomass Facts

Facts about Biomass 3: biofuel

The biofuel that the people can get from the sugar cane and corn is ethanol. This form of biomass can be used to power cars and vehicles. Biodiesel is considered as the most popular form of biofuel. The people can mix the animal fats and vegetable oils to produce biodiesel. The main function of biodiesel is to power buses, cars and heating oil. Get facts about biodiesel here.

Facts about Biomass 4: burning

The energy from the biomass can be released when you burn the wood. The wood in the fireplace makes the home warm.

Biomass Pic

Biomass Pic

Facts about Biomass 5: the methane gas

The methane gas will be produced when the biomass rots. The people can get the stinky gas and turn it into energy.

Facts about Biomass 6: the primary source of energy

Wood was considered as the main source of heat in the past. At that time, people first discovered fire. Then they used it to burn wood to release the heat.

Biomass Images

Biomass Images

Facts about Biomass 7: the usage of biofuel

In 1800s, United States used ethanol for the lamp fuel.  Ethanol was also used to power the first Model-T Fords. Now the people begin to look at the usage of ethanol as the alternative energy for fossil fuels.

Facts about Biomass 8: the drawbacks of using

There are several drawbacks of using the biomass. It can increase the rate of water pollution and air pollution due to the burning. The harmful chemicals and gasses will be released on the environment if the waste and trash are burned. Find out air pollution facts here.

Biomass Types

Biomass Types

Facts about Biomass 9: the alternative

Even though there are some negative impacts of biomass, people still believe that it can be a better alternative of coal and gasoline.

Facts about Biomass 10: ethanol

Do you know that sugar is the main ingredient needed to produce ethanol?

Facts about Biomass

Facts about Biomass

Are you impressed reading facts about biomass?

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