10 Facts about Biomedical Engineering

Saturday, July 4th 2015. | Technology

The science which presents the ideas about medicine, engineering and biology is explained in Facts about Biomedical Engineering. People often call it as BME. When you learn this subject, you will be involved with healthcare purpose. There is no gap anymore between medicine and engineering since this field tries to combine it to increase health treatment for the patients. Let’s find out more interesting facts about biomedical engineering below:

Facts about Biomedical Engineering 1: a new field

If you think that biomedical engineering is a old field of study, you are wrong. It is newer if you compare BME with other fields of engineering.

Facts about Biomedical Engineering 2: the application of biomedical engineering

There are several types of tools devices created based on the research of biomedical engineering such as the therapeutic biological, pharmaceutical drugs, regenerative tissue growth, EEDs, MRIs, and micro implants.

Facts about Biomedical Engineering

Facts about Biomedical Engineering

Facts about Biomedical Engineering 3: the tissue engineering

Have you ever heard about the tissue engineering? The main purpose is to establish artificial organ by using the biological matter.  The artificial organ is used during the organ transplantation for the patients.

Facts about Biomedical Engineering 4: method of creating the artificial organs

Until this present day, the scientists still work on the field of biomedical engineering to create the artificial organs such as the artificial urinary bladders.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Facts about Biomedical Engineering 5: the human stem cells

The human stem cells are used during the research too. The scientists intend to create tracheas from the stem cells.

Facts about Biomedical Engineering 6: the hepatic assist device

Have you ever heard about the hepatic assist device? It is also a product of biomedical engineering.  It is included as a bioartificial organ for it combines the biological and synthetic component. Inside the artificial bioreactor constructor, you can find the liver cells in hepatic assist device.

Biomedical Engineering Picture

Biomedical Engineering Picture

Facts about Biomedical Engineering 7: genetic engineering

Biomedical engineering involves the manipulation of the genes of living organisms. The scientists will study about the gene splicing, genetic modification, recombinant DNA technology and genetic engineering. Find out another field in facts about agricultural engineering here.

Facts about Biomedical Engineering 8: the tool

The tool used for the biomedical engineering for genes are very modern. To change the characteristics and structures of the targets genes, the scientists will employ the molecular cloning.

Biomedical Engineering Image

Biomedical Engineering Image

Facts about Biomedical Engineering 9: the neural system

If the biomedical engineering is focused on the study of neutral system, you can call it neural engineering. Get facts about being an engineer here.

Facts about Biomedical Engineering 10: Pharmaceutical engineering

If it involves with the chemical engineering, novel drug and drug engineering, you need to learn more on Pharmaceutical engineering.

Biomedical Engineering Facts

Biomedical Engineering Facts

Are you impressed reading facts about biomedical engineering?

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