10 Facts about Biomes

Saturday, July 4th 2015. | Science

If you are interested to know the various types of biomes, you need to check Facts about Biomes.   Our planet has a lot of biomes. Some of them include the coral reef biomes, freshwater biome, temperate deciduous biome, tropical rainforest biome, taiga biome, grassland biome, savanna biome, ocean biome, freshwater biome, chaparral biome, tundra biome and wetland biome. Here are some interesting facts about biomes for you:

Facts about Biomes 1: the tundra biome

You can feel very cold temperature when you spend time in the tundra biome. The location of this biome is near the North Pole.  During the winter season, the temperature ranges around 3 degree to 12 degree Celsius. During the winter season, it can have the temperature around -34 degree C.

Facts about Biomes 2: hibernation

The animals which live in tundra biome tend to perform hibernation. Other animals decide to migrate to the warm region. Due to the harsh condition, people stay away from tundra.

Biome Pic

Biome Pic

Facts about Biomes 3: the tropical rainforest biome

More than 7 percent of the surface of our planet is covered by the tropical rainforest biome.  The famous rainforest is located in Brazil, South America.

Facts about Biomes 4: the temperature

The temperature in tropical rainforest is around 70 to 85 degree F. The forest is included as a tropical rainforest if it has around 400 inches of precipitation each year.




Facts about Biomes 5: orchid

One of the most interesting plants which grow in tropical rainforest is orchid. This flower lives on the surface of a tree.

Facts about Biomes 6: The temperate deciduous forest biome

The temperate deciduous forest biome can be found in Japan, China, Europe, Canada, US and parts of Russia. There are four seasons experienced by this kind of biome such as summer, fall, spring and winter. The leaf shedding trees are always seen inside the temperate deciduous forest biome.

Facts about Biomes

Facts about Biomes

Facts about Biomes 7: the precipitation level

The temperate deciduous forest biome has the precipitation level around 30 to 60 inches. Get facts about abiotic factors here.

Facts about Biomes 8: taiga biome

The boreal forest and coniferous forest are included in taiga biome. It is can be seen in Asia, North America and Europe.

Forest Biome

Forest Biome

Facts about Biomes 9: the ocean biomes

The Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean and Southern Ocean are included as the five ocean biomes. Find out aquatic biome facts here.

Facts about Biomes 10: the desert biome

The desert biome is characterized due to the low amount of precipitation. The desert biome is divided in four major types. Those are the cold, coastal, semiarid and hot and dry biome.

Cold Desert Biome

Cold Desert Biome

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