10 Facts about Bioshock

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If you want to know about the first person shooter video game, check Facts about Bioshock. The developer for this game is 2K Boston. Later, it is called Irrational Games. 2K Games published BioShock. In August 2007, Bioshock was released for Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. In October 2008, Irrational, 2K Marin, 2K Australia and Digital Extremes had a PlayStation 3 port. In October 2009, the Feral Interactive released an OS X port. Let’s get more interesting facts about Bioshock below:

Facts about Bioshock 1: the concept of the game

Ken Levine was the creative lead of Irrational. He took the credit to develop the concept of Bioshock. This game was influenced by the George Orwell and Ayn Rand.

Facts about Bioshock 2: the setting of the game

Have you ever played Bioshock before? This game is set in 1960s. When you become the player in the game, you need to lead Jack which has the role as the protagonist character in underwater city of rapture. Actually Jack has airplane crash accident which makes him arrive at Rapture.

Facts about Bioshock

Facts about Bioshock

Facts about Bioshock 3: who built the city?

The underwater city of Rapture was established by Andrew Ryan. He was a business magnate. The city was in turbulent decline after the discovery of a plasmid which gave a superhuman power. It was called ADAM.

Facts about Bioshock 4: Jack

In the game, the player becomes Jack who has to fight against the enemy including Big Daddies. He uses the ADAM to get the super human power.

Bioshock Image

Bioshock Image

Facts about Bioshock 5: the genre

If we talk about the genre of Bioshock, it can be a survival horror genre. The player will be engaged of killing enemies or saving characters. Get facts about Assassins Creed here.

Facts about Bioshock 6: the critical acclaim

Bioshock is a very popular game. It is not only accepted by the people commercially but also crucially.  Due to the morality base storylines, the game critics love it.

Bioshock Game

Bioshock Game

Facts about Bioshock 7: awards

There are various awards that Bioshock earned. X-Play, Spike TV, BAFTA and Games Informer give Bioshock with Game of the Year awards.

Facts about Bioshock 8: the sequels

Due to the commercial success, the sequels for this game have been released. Irrational Games released the third sequel entitled Bioshock Infinite. 2K Marin released the second sequel with the title Bioshock 2.

Bioshock Facts

Bioshock Facts

Facts about Bioshock 9: orchestral score soundtrack

On 24 August 2007, the people can check the orchestral score soundtrack released by 2K Games in their homepage. Find out another game in Attack on Titan facts here.

Facts about Bioshock 10: the award from the online gaming site

There were different online gaming sites such as GameSpy, IGN and GameSpot which awarded Bioshock with Games of the Show Awards.

Bioshock Pic

Bioshock Pic

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