10 Facts about Biotechnology

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The product created by using the living organism or system is explained in Facts about Biotechnology. It is not easy for us to define the biotechnology for it sometimes overlaps with biomedical engineering and bio engineering. Károly Ereky was the Hungarian engineer who took the credit as the first person who used this term in 1919.

Facts about Biotechnology 1: the development of biotechnology

Biotechnology is not a stagnant science. It develops into several sciences such as the recombinant gene, genetic engineering, genomics, tissue culture technologies diagnostic test and applied immunology during 20th century and 21st century.

Facts about Biotechnology 2: the concept

When people study about biotechnology, they will learn on how to use the hybridization and artificial selection in the breeding program. Moreover, they also modify the plant’s cultivation as well as the animal’s domestication to meet the need of the human beings.

facts about Biotechnology

facts about Biotechnology

Facts about Biotechnology 3: an improvement

The main objective that the people seek by having biotechnology is to enhance the value of the organism or materials such as the livestock, cattle, crops and pharmaceuticals.

Facts about Biotechnology 4: the biological sciences

The pure biological sciences which include cell biology, animal cell culture, molecular biology, microbiology, genetics, embryology, biochemistry are very important to master in the biotechnology. Get facts about biomedical engineering here.

Biotechnology Lab

Biotechnology Lab

Facts about Biotechnology 5: other sciences

It is also important for the people to master chemical engineering, bioinformatics, biorobotics and bioprocess if they want to apply biotechnology.

Facts about Biotechnology 6: the history of agriculture

The history of agriculture shows the earliest usage of simple biotechnological application. To improve the value of their crops, the farmers breed them with other plants or even plant them on a new environment.

Biotechnology Facts

Biotechnology Facts

Facts about Biotechnology 7: the fermentation of beer

Another earliest evidence of biotechnology in the past was seen in China, India, Mesopotamia, and Egypt where the ancient people fermented beer. Get facts about biology here.

Facts about Biotechnology 8: the process of fermentation

Louis Pasteur’s work in 1857 gives the people a full understanding about the fermentation process. This process was used to transform the food source into another form.

Biotechnology DNA

Biotechnology DNA

Facts about Biotechnology 9: change species

Biotechnology also involves with the study of changing species. It was pioneered by Charles Darwin when he made observation on plants, animals and life.

Facts about Biotechnology 10: antibiotic

Another example of biotechnology can be seen on antibiotic. The mold Penicillium was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928. Due to his work, Howard Florey, Ernst Boris Chain and Norman Heatley were able to purify the antibiotic compound from the mold. Today we call it penicillin. Find out facts about antibiotics here.

Biotechnology Pic

Biotechnology Pic

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