10 Facts about Biotic Factors

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If you are interested to know the information about the living organism and all waste that they generate, you have to look at Facts about Biotic Factors. Biotic factors can be seen in all ecosystems in our planet. The living organism not only includes mammals, trees, algae, or even bacteria. Get more facts about biotic factors by reading the following post below:

Facts about Biotic Factors 1: the biotic factors existence

The existence of the biotic factors is affected by the abiotic factors, pollution and disease. If you check the members of the biotic factors, they are so diverse.

Facts about Biotic Factors 2: the purpose of studying biotic factors

There are important purposes of studying biotic factors. You will be able to know the way the environment works. Moreover, you can learn about the way the ecosystem on earth cycles.

Facts about Biotic Factors

Facts about Biotic Factors

Facts about Biotic Factors 3: biotic or abiotic factors

The abiotic factors are used to explain the non living materials in our ecosystem. The examples of the non factors include liquids, gasses, minerals, and chemicals. On the other hand, the biotic factor refers to the living materials or living beings such as trees and animals.

Facts about Biotic Factors 4: the number of biotic and abiotic factors

There are many kinds of ecosystem in the world. It is not easy to decide the number of biotic and abiotic factors since each ecosystem is varied. But if you check the jungles, it contains the simple abiotic factors, while the biotic factors are numerous.

Biotic Factors

Biotic Factors

Facts about Biotic Factors 5: the predominant abiotic factors

The predominant abiotic factor can be seen in the deserts.  The number of the biotic factors is very small. Get facts about abiotic factors here.

Facts about Biotic Factors 6: the largest biotic factors

Can you mention the largest biotic factors? They include animals and plants. The types of plants include trees, shrubs, herbs, flower plants or even grass.

Biotic Factor

Biotic Factor

Facts about Biotic Factors 7: the animals

The animals which live in the ecosystem are various. The wolves, lion, or even hawks are some examples of animals which feed on other smaller animals.

Facts about Biotic Factors 8: the waste

The biotic material also includes the waste.  Therefore, the dead bodies and falling leaves are biotic materials too.

Biotic Factor Pic

Biotic Factor Pic

Facts about Biotic Factors 9: the small biotic factors

Algae, lichens, insects and worms are included in the small biotic factors. They usually feed on the living materials or wastes. Check algae facts here.

Facts about Biotic Factors 10: the microscopic organism

Bacteria, viruses and plankton are included as the important microscopic organisms in the biotic factors. Bacteria are not always bad. They can break down the dead organism and make it into nutrition.

Biotic Factor Facts

Biotic Factor Facts

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