10 Facts about Bipolar Disorder

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If you want to know about one type of mental disorder, you have to check Facts about Bipolar Disorder. The people who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder will experience a period of depression and a period of elevated mood. This condition is also called as a manic depressive illness or bipolar effective disorder. Let’s find out other facts about bipolar disorder below:

Facts about Bipolar Disorder 1: the period of elevated mood

When the patients with bipolar disorder are in the period of the elevated mood, you can find them super energetic, irritable and happy.  It is often called as hypomania or mania.

Facts about Bipolar Disorder 2: the sleeping time and decision making act

During the period of elevated mood, the sleeping time of the patients with bipolar disorder is decreased significantly. Moreover, they do not think about the consequences after making an important decision due to the poor thought.

Bipolar Disorder Facts

Bipolar Disorder Facts

Facts about Bipolar Disorder 3: the period of depression

The patients with bipolar disorder will always focus on the negativity and sadness of life during the period of depression. They will avoid the eye contact with other people. Moreover, they like to cry a lot. Check ASD facts here.

Facts about Bipolar Disorder 4: the risk of having self harm or suicide

The people with bipolar disorder have the self harm risk at 30 to 40 percent. The suicidal rate is around 6 percent.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Facts about Bipolar Disorder 5: the mental health issues

There is no need to wonder that bipolar disorder is always linked with other mental health problems such as substance use disorder and anxiety disorder.

Facts about Bipolar Disorder 6: the cause

It is not easy for the scientists to find out the exact cause of bipolar disorder. However, they believe that the environmental and genetic factors have a key role to this condition.

Bipolar Disorder Pictures

Bipolar Disorder Pictures

Facts about Bipolar Disorder 7: the examples of the environmental factors

The childhood abuse that patients of bipolar disorder experience as well as the long term of stress is included in the environmental factors.

Facts about Bipolar Disorder 8: bipolar disorder I

There are two types of bipolar disorder. If the patients experience at least one manic episode, they probably have bipolar disorder I.

Bipolar Disorder Pic

Bipolar Disorder Pic

Facts about Bipolar Disorder 9: bipolar disorder II

Bipolar disorder II is characterized by the presence of at least one hypomanic episode and a depressive episode. Get facts about anxiety disorder here.

Facts about Bipolar Disorder 10: the treatment

Medication and psychotherapy are needed to treat the patients with bipolar disorder.  Anticonvulsants and lithium are included as the examples of mood stabilizers.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

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