10 Facts about Bird Flu

Monday, July 6th 2015. | Medical

Facts about Bird Flu tell you about the avian influenza. People also call it as avian flu.  The people are very concerned with the presence of HPAI or highly pathogenic avian influenza. The bird flu is caused by the viruses adapted to bird. The species of influenza a virus is all viruses which make the birds have influenza. Get more interesting facts about bird flu below:

Facts about Bird Flu 1: the spread of bird flu

Bird flu is very dangerous in the world. Since 2003, H5N1 considered as the most highly pathogenic strain has spread in Asia. In 2005, the virus spread in Europe. Then it spread in Africa and Middle East.

Facts about Bird Flu 2: the risk of having the virus

There is only small risk of parrots, pigeons and companion birds in captivity to be contracted by the virus.

Facts about Bird Flu

Facts about Bird Flu

Facts about Bird Flu 3: the birds and influenza virus

Most birds which spread the avian flu are the farm birds and chicken. The report finds out that more than 84 percent of the affected birds are them.

Facts about Bird Flu 4: the avian flu in Canada

The avian flu also affected Canada in 2014. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency confirmed about the bird flu outbreak in the country after two turkeys were quarantined on 2 December 2014.

Bird Flu

Bird Flu

Facts about Bird Flu 5: the difference between the bird flu and human flu viruses

The difference between the avian flu viruses and human flu viruses can be seen on the genetic factors. The alpha 2-6 sialic acid receptors are bonded by human influenza HA viruses. On the other hand, the alpha 2-3 sialic acid receptors are bonded by the avian flu.

Facts about Bird Flu 6: the subtypes of bird flu

Even though there are numerous subtypes of bird flu, only five of them are included as highly photogenic flu. Those are H7N9, H5N1, H9N2, H7N7 and H7N3.

Bird Flu Picture

Bird Flu Picture

Facts about Bird Flu 7: the H10N8 strain

The case of the H10N8 strain occurred in Jiangxi Province, China in December 2013. There was an elderly woman died due to this strain of virus.

Facts about Bird Flu 8: the contamination of bird flu

The patients affected by bird flu usually have contact with the infected fluid of the infected bird or even handle the dead infected birds.

Bird Flu Facts

Bird Flu Facts

Facts about Bird Flu 9: the deadly bird flu

The deadly bird flu is often seen on the domesticated birds because the infected ones have close contact with other birds. Get facts about baby chicken here.

Facts about Bird Flu 10: the birds in Asia

The people in Asia have higher risk of having avian flu due to the close quarters and low hygiene condition.

Bird Flu Image

Bird Flu Image

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