10 Facts about Bird Migration

Tuesday, July 7th 2015. | Animals

If you want to learn more about the regular seasonal movement of the bird from one place to the another place, get Facts about Bird Migration. The most common route taken by the birds is from the north to the south. They will reach the winter ground form the breeding ground. The bird migration is very critical since the risk of hunting by human, predation and mortality is very high. Get more interesting facts about bird migration below:

Facts about Bird Migration 1: the availability of food

The main cause of bird migration is to search for food. The high number of bird migration can be seen in northern hemisphere.

Facts about Bird Migration 2: the history of migration

The migration of animals is not something new to discuss. The ancient Greek writers such as Aristotle and Home had recorded the migration of swallows, turtle doves and storks around 3,000 years ago.

Facts about Bird Migration

Facts about Bird Migration

Facts about Bird Migration 3: Johannes Leche

In 1749, the arrival of spring migrant was recorded by Johannes Leche in Finland.

Facts about Bird Migration 4: albatrosses

Albatrosses migrate too.  You can find them circulating earth from the southern oceans.

Bird Migration

Bird Migration

Facts about Bird Migration 5: Manx shearwaters

Another bird includes Manx shearwaters which migrate to the southern ocean from their northern breeding grounds. They reach 8,700 miles or 14,000 km.

Facts about Bird Migration 6: the celestial cues

The celestial cues are used by the migratory birds to find out the right time for them to navigate. They often see the mental maps, magnetic field of earth, the sun and stars. Find out bird facts here.

Bird Migration Picture

Bird Migration Picture

Facts about Bird Migration 7: the short migration

It is very common for us to see the shorter migration.  You can find the birds migrating in the mountains like Himalayas and Andes.

Facts about Bird Migration 8: the long distant bird migrants

The number of the long distant bird migrants is around 1800 species of birds from 100,000 species of birds. The most common pattern of the migratory for birds to breed is in the temperate area or the north in the spring season. Then they will return to warmer areas in the south in autumn season.

Bird Migration Facts

Bird Migration Facts

Facts about Bird Migration 9: food

Food is the main reason why birds migrate from their breeding ground. If the food is not scarce, they will stay in the breeding region. Get facts about birds of prey here.

Facts about Bird Migration 10: stopover sites

The birds are very prone to be infected by pathogens or even parasites during the migration. It is due to the fact that the migrating birds always take a rest at the stopover sites.

Bird Migration Pic

Bird Migration Pic

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