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Get the detail information about the civil parish and large village in Charnwood borough in Facts about Birstall. This city is located within Leicestershire, England. It is included as a part of the Leicester Urban Area. If you want to reach Birstall, you just have to reach three miles north of Leicester city center. Here are other interesting facts about Birstall:

Facts about Birstall 1: the population

Based on the 2001 census, the population of Birstall was a slightly lowered if you compare it with the population in Syston. It was the neighboring town of Birstall. But Birstall is considered as the largest village in Charnwood.

Facts about Birstall 2: the center of Birstall

Birstall is centered on the Sibson Road. It is situated off the A6 considered as the last important settlement.

Birstall Facts

Birstall Facts

Facts about Birstall 3: the schools

There are several schools that you can find in Birstall such as Longslade Community College, Riverside Primary School, Highcliffe Primary School and Stonehill High School.

Facts about Birstall 4: the supermarkets

You can find various shops in Birstall. Moreover, it has two supermarkets. If you want to enjoy a green view, you can go to the garden center.

Facts about Birstall

Facts about Birstall

Facts about Birstall 5: the housing estate

If you go to the north west of Birstall, you can find a very big housing estate.  This city also has several churches such as Birstall Methodist Church, St Teresa Roman Catholic church and Anglican Church of St. James the Great.

Facts about Birstall 6: Grand Union Canal

The Watermead Country Park is separated by Grand Union Canal. It is situated at the bottom end of Birstall. You can also enjoy the country park and recreational area for Birstall has a series of lakes located at the Soar Valley.

Birstall Travel

Birstall Travel

Facts about Birstall 7: a cedar tree

A cedar tree is used to symbolize the village. In the past, the people could check the tree on the Roman Road. But the area was knocked down to establish the Birstall Hall. Get facts about Bern here.

Facts about Birstall 8: the streets

You can find 11 streets as of April 2010 in Birstall. Some of them include Pinfold Close, Brook Furlong Drive, Archdale Close, Lady Augusta Road, Halfpenny Close, Far Pastures Road, Dale Close, and Palmer Square.

Birstall Pic

Birstall Pic

Facts about Birstall 9: the parks

If you are interested with the parks in Birstall, you can go to Harrogate Park, Watermead Country Park and School Lane recreational Park.

Facts about Birstall 10: transportation

The transportation in Birstall is operated by Centrebus, Arriva Fox County, Kinchbus, and Skylink. Find out another city in Bhopal facts.

Birstall Image

Birstall Image

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