10 Facts about Birth

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Facts about Birth talk about the culmination period of pregnancy. You can call this process as birth, delivery, labor, childbirth or even parturition. During the process, the newborn infant will be out of the uterus of the mother. If you are interested to know the process, stages and management of childbirth, find out the interesting facts about birth below:

Facts about Birth 1: the risk of death

Childbirth is not an easy process for the mother. It is a process between life and death. It is estimated that around 0.5 million women die because of childbirth and pregnancy.

Facts about Birth 2: the complicated and negative outcome

More than 50 million women experience the negative outcomes after they have the labor. The women who have the series long term complication after the delivery are around 7 million women. The negative issues can be seen occurred in most developing countries in the world.

Facts about Birth

Facts about Birth

Facts about Birth 3: the normal childbirth stages

There are the stages that the women have to experience if they want a normal childbirth. The first one is the shortening and dilation of cervix. Then it is followed by the infant’s birth. The last stage is the placenta’s expulsion.

Facts about Birth 4: who do the management for childbirth?

The family physicians, obstetricians and midwives are some of the professions needed to supervise the delivery. The purpose is to lower the risk of having negative impact because of the pregnancy and childbirth.



Facts about Birth 5: the drinking and eating behavior

The people are still in debate when they have to decide whether drinking and eating during the delivery is harmful or not. Some people believe that the acts will never give harmful effect to the mother and baby. Check being pregnant facts here.

Facts about Birth 6: shaving the vaginal hair

In some countries, it is still very common to remove the vaginal hair of the mother during the delivery process. The people believe that by eliminating the hair, the risk of infection can be reduced. But this act is less common today.

childbirth Facts

childbirth Facts

Facts about Birth 7: caesarean section

The women who are afraid of having the vaginal birth can choose the caesarean section. It means that the infant is taken from the abdomen by having a surgical incision.

Facts about Birth 8: the popularity of caesarean section

Caesarean section is very popular today. In 1996 till 2006, the number of caesarean section in United States was increased.

Birth Pic

Birth Pic

Facts about Birth 9: the alternative

There are some women who have some health conditions such as diabetes, preeclampsia, chronic hypertension, and gestational hypertension. They can choose caesarean section for safer alternative for the delivery. Get facts about baby boomers here.

Facts about Birth 10: pain control

To control the pain during the childbirth, the analgesic medication is often used. But some women decide to have acupuncture, massage or even immersion in water for the alternative.

Birth Facts

Birth Facts

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