10 Facts about Birth Control

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Facts about Birth Control tell you about the methods to control the number of children that a man and woman want. It can avoid the people of having too many kids. Most women in United States only want 2 kids at home. To make this dream come true, they have to use the birth control. If you are interested with birth control facts, let’s see the following post below:

Facts about Birth Control 1: the most common methods

The oral contraceptives and condoms are the most common methods that the people employ in the developing countries. 12 percent of them use oral contraceptive, while 35 percent is by having female sterilization. 30 percent is occupied by IUD, while 4 percent is by using male sterilization. 11 percent of them are by using condoms.

Facts about Birth Control 2: the most common method

The most common method of birth control is by using condom during the sexual intercourse. During the first sex conducted by men and women, condom is the most common birth control method.

Birth Control Facts

Birth Control Facts

Facts about Birth Control 3: Coca Cola Bottles Coke

It was very surprising to know that Coca Cola Bottles Coke was used by the women as a contraceptive in 1950s and 1960s. They believed that the carbonic acid in the coca cola acted like spermicide.

Facts about Birth Control 4: the birth control in United States

The people in all ages can get birth control easily. There is no need for them to get the parent’s content when they want to get the birth control.  The secrecy is also great for the health care provider is forbidden by the law to tell anyone when the patient wants birth control.

Facts about Birth Control

Facts about Birth Control

Facts about Birth Control 5: the expense

The people have to spend around $0.04 per unit of condom. Therefore, it is considered as the one of the most costly forms of birth control. But it is very popular in United States for one of four acts of vaginal intercourses is conducted using condoms.

Facts about Birth Control 6: withdrawal of penis

Another technique used by the men for birth control is by removing the penis before he ejaculates. The effectiveness of this method is around 73 percent based on Planned Parenthood. Many health professionals do not consider this act as a form of birth control. Therefore, it is not recommended.

Birth Control

Birth Control

Facts about Birth Control 7: the popularity of IUDs

Between 2002 and 2011, the usage of IUDs was very popular in United States.

Facts about Birth Control 8: the popularity of birth control

In United States, sterilization is used by 10 million people. Pill is in the first place with 11 million people use it.

Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills

Facts about Birth Control 9: the unintended pregnancy

Around 50 percent of pregnancies in United States are unintended even though birth control is very easy to get. Find about Being Pregnant facts here.

Facts about Birth Control 10: washing vagina

If you think that washing vagina after the man ejaculates can prevent pregnancy, you are wrong. The sperm probably will have reached the egg.

Birth Control Pic

Birth Control Pic

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