10 Facts about Birthdays

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If you want to know the celebration of the birth anniversary, check Facts about Birthdays.  The celebration of birthday is various depending on the cultures.  The celebration often involves rite of passage, party or even gift. Let’s find out more interesting facts about birthday below:

Facts about Birthdays 1: the founders

If you check the religions in the world, most of them have special holiday to commemorate the birth of the founders. For instance, the people celebrate Buddha’s birthday and Christmas.

Facts about Birthdays 2: the birthdates and birthday

Birthday and birthdate are very different.  The birthdate means that you talk about the exact date when the person was born. If you talk about the birthday, it talks about the anniversary of the birthdate each year. Get birth facts here.

Birthday Culture

Birthday Culture

Facts about Birthdays 3: the legal system

The birthday is very important in our culture for it can sign the adulthood.  The age between 12 and 21 is very crucial for it gives use the milestone to get responsibilities and rights.

Facts about Birthdays 4: the examples of right and responsibilities

Some examples of rights and responsibilities that the people will have at certain age include becoming subject of military conscription, leaving the full time education, marrying without parents’ consent, getting a driver license or even purchasing tobacco and alcohol.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Facts about Birthdays 5: the sweet sixteen

The sweet sixteen is very important for the people in Canada and United States. It is often used to mark the 16th birthday of a girl.

Facts about Birthdays 6: the Hispanic countries

The Hispanic countries have their own way of celebrating the birthday of the girl. When the girls are 15 years old, she will have the quinceañera or festa de quinze anos celebration.

Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Facts about Birthdays 7: the birthday in Philippine

The boy has their debut when they are 21 years old. The girl has their important birthday when they are 18 years old.

Facts about Birthdays 8: the Korean culture

The important birthday in Korean culture is the first birthday of child or Doljanchi and the feast of the 100th day or Baek-il. The people use the traditional ceremony.

Facts about Birthdays

Facts about Birthdays

Facts about Birthdays 9: bar mitzvah

The Jewish people have bat mitzvah and bar mitzvah. The former one is for the girl who turns 12 years old. The Jewish boys who reach 13 years old have their bar mitzvah. Check bar mitzvah facts here.

Facts about Birthdays 10: a special cake

The special tart cake is made during the celebration of the birthday. It usually features the candles which have the same number of the age of birthday girl or boy.

Birthday Facts

Birthday Facts

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