10 Facts about Biscuits

Wednesday, July 8th 2015. | Culinary

The flour based food product created by baking is explained in Facts about Biscuits. The people who live in Europe and Commonwealth of Nations and North America have two different products called as biscuit. The cracker or cookie is the biscuit created from small backed product in US. The people in Canada call it cookie. Get more facts about biscuit below:

Facts about Biscuits 1: the biscuits in Ireland, UK and Isle of Man

There are many kinds of biscuits created in Isle of Man, United Kingdom and Ireland.  Those include rich tea, ginger nuts, hobnobs, chocolate biscuits, custard creams, and bourbons. Most of them are created in sweet or even savory taste. But they are hard.

Facts about Biscuits 2: the cookie in Ireland and Commonwealth Nations

The cookie is often used to call the chocolate chip cookie for the people who live in Ireland and Commonwealth Nation. Therefore, this term is applied for a specific type of cookie. You cannot use it to call all types of biscuits.

Facts about Biscuits

Facts about Biscuits

Facts about Biscuits 3: the biscuits in some parts of Canada and United States

The term biscuit is used to call the savory quick bread.  The dough does not contain any sugar.  This biscuit reminds you with the scone.

Facts about Biscuits 4: the leavening substance

The buttermilk baking powder is the common leaving agent used by the people in US and Canada to create biscuit. Find out baking soda facts here.



Facts about Biscuits 5: the importance of biscuit

In the past, biscuits were very popular as the source for food during the long journey.

Facts about Biscuits 6: the benefits of biscuits

This baked food gives the people a lot of benefits. It is long lasting, easy to carry, easy to store and nutritious food.



Facts about Biscuits 7: the today’s biscuit

The today’s biscuits are very small for the people eat them as a snack. It comes with the diameter around 2.0 inches or 5 cm.  You can find it in sweet and savory taste.

Facts about Biscuits 8: the crème biscuit

The sandwich type biscuit is also called as a biscuit. It is made by combining two biscuits with icing or crème located in between.

Biscuit Recipe

Biscuit Recipe

Facts about Biscuits 9: the ingredients

The common ingredients to make biscuit are from oats and flours. It is also mixed with honey or sugar. Get facts about ANZAC biscuits here.

Facts about Biscuits 10: the filling

There are many kinds of filling that people use to make the biscuits tasteful and delicious. Those include ginger, nuts, jams, fruits and chocolate.

Chocolate Biscuits

Chocolate Biscuits

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