10 Facts about Bismarck

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The capital state of North Dakota is explained in Facts about Bismarck. The first most populous city in North Dakota is Fargo. Bismarck is called as the second most populous city in the state. It is located in Burleigh County. Based on 2010 census, Bismarck was inhabited by 61,272 people. There were around 126, 597 people who lived in the metropolitan area.  Let’s find out more interesting facts about Bismarck by reading the following post below:

Facts about Bismarck 1: the growing city

Bismarck was located in the seventh place of the fastest growing small city in US based on the list of Forbes Magazine in 2014.

Facts about Bismarck 2: the brief history of Bismarck

In 1872, Bismarck was established. It was appointed as the capital of North Dakota since the state was formed.

Facts about Bismarck

Facts about Bismarck

Facts about Bismarck 3: the famous building

Bismarck is the home of the tallest building in North Dakota. It is the North Dakota State Capitol. If you visit the downtown Bismarck, you can check the historic building of the Belle Mehus Auditorium. It was created in 1914.

Facts about Bismarck 4: Belle Mehus Auditorium

Belle Mehus Auditorium is the perfect place to visit for you can learn arts of North Dakota. Moreover, you can enjoy Bismarck-Mandan Symphony Orchestra and Northern Plains Dance performance in the auditorium.

Bismarck North Dakota

Bismarck North Dakota

Facts about Bismarck 5: the park system

Even though Bismarck is a small city in North Dakota, it houses large park system. You can find different kinds of exercise trails in the parks too.

Facts about Bismarck 6: the theater companies

There are many theater companies in Bismarck. Those include Dakota Stage Ltd, Sleepy Hollow Summer Theatre, and Capitol Shakespeare Society. Find out another city in facts about Bhopal here.

Bismarck City

Bismarck City

Facts about Bismarck 7: the newest orchestra

The newest orchestra in Bismarck is Missouri Valley Chamber Orchestra. People love to watch their performance for they can present different kinds of genres. It was established in 2000.

Facts about Bismarck 8: the golf courses

The golf course is popular in Bismarck. If you are interested to play golf, you can go to Hawktree Golf Club, Riverwood Golf Course, Pebble Creek Golf Course, Apple Creek Country Club and Tom O’Leary Golf Course.

Bismarck Facts

Bismarck Facts

Facts about Bismarck 9: Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

Another popular place to visit in Bismarck is Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park. You can find the ruins of Fort Abraham Lincoln here. Get facts about Birstall here.

Facts about Bismarck 10: the famous people

The famous people from Bismarck include Mike Peluso, Weston Dressler, Kent Conrad, John Burke, Jonathan Twingley, Brock Lesnar, Ronnie Cramer and many more.



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