10 Facts about Bismuth

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Let me show the chemical element with the symbol Bi in Facts about Bismuth. If you check this element in the periodic table, it has the atomic number at 83. The chemical of Bismuth reminds you with antimony and arsenic. This element is included as pentavalent post-transition metal. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Bismuth below:

Facts about Bismuth 1: the natural element

Bismuth can be found naturally on earth. 86 percent of the free element of Bismuth is as dense as lead.

Facts about Bismuth 2: the texture and color

Bismuth has silvery white color. It has brittle texture. You can see it in pink shade in the air due to the oxidation.

Facts about Bismuth

Facts about Bismuth

Facts about Bismuth 3: the physical properties

In the past, the people had difficulties to distinguish bismuth with tin and lead. All of them shared the same physical properties.

Facts about Bismuth 4: the common usage of bismuth

Bismuth is often used in various purposes. It can be used for the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, or even pigments. Do you know that bismuth is also utilized to cure diarrhea?



Facts about Bismuth 5: the popularity of bismuth

Today, bismuth is more popular to use in the alloy production for it is less toxic if you compare it with the heavy metals.  The people realize that bismuth is a good alternative of lead. People are aware with the high toxicity of lead. Check facts about alloys here.

Facts about Bismuth 6: the native bismuth

The countries which have the native bismuth include China, Bolivia, and Australia. You can find this element in the ores such as bismite and bismuthinite.

Bismuth Image

Bismuth Image

Facts about Bismuth 7: the mining production

In 2010, the total mining production of bismuth was around 8,900 tonnes based on the US Geological Survey. The biggest producers at that time were Mexico with 850 tonnes of bismuth, Peru with 1,100 tonnes of Bismuth and China with 6,500 tonnes of Bismuth. If you look at the refinery production of Bismuth, Belgium had 800 tonnes, while China had 13,000 tonnes.

Facts about Bismuth 8: the purity

The industries can get the pure bismuth by using different kinds of methods. Therefore, they can get at least 99 percent bismuth.

Bismuth Facts

Bismuth Facts

Facts about Bismuth 9: the price

In 20th century, the price of bismuth is relatively stable. It reached a high peak in 1970s. In 1950s till 1964, it was sold around $2.25 per pound.

Facts about Bismuth 10: other usage of bismuth in 1990s

Bismuth was used in various purposes for the alternative of lead. People began to use it for the green machining brasses for plumbing, for processing equipment, fishing sinkers and ceramic glazes in the beginning of 1990s. Find out another element in facts about Barium here.

Bismuth Color

Bismuth Color

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