10 Facts about Bison

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One of the strongest animals in the world is explained in Facts about Bison.  The one which is native to North America is the American bison.  In the past, they were often spotted in Canada and Mexico for they inhabited Appalachian Mountains. Then the bison was found in United States after the arrival of the European people. Get more interesting facts about bison below:

Facts about Bison 1: the size of bison

If you check the picture of a bison, you will be amazed due to the massive body size.  This animal is super large. There is no need to wonder that it is considered as the largest land animal in North America. The weight of a bison can reach 2000 pounds. It can have the height at 6 feet and the length at 11 feet.

Facts about Bison 2: the horns

You can find two horns on a bison.  Both can grow up to 2 feet. The horns are spotted on female and male bison. The main function of those horns is for fighting and defense against the enemy.

Facts about Bison
Facts about Bison

Facts about Bison 3: the brown coat

The body of bison is covered with brown coat. The coat is very light during the summer season. Therefore, the bison will never feel hot. When the winter season comes, the brown coat is shaggy to keep them warm. Find out facts about big cats here.

Facts about Bison 4: the herbivore

If you think that bison is a carnivore, you are wrong. This animal eats plants. They like to eat sedges and grasses that you can find mostly on the prairies.

Bison Pic

Bison Pic

Facts about Bison 5: the hump

Probably you will never think that a bison actually has a hump. You can spot it located at the back before the head.

Facts about Bison 6: the activities

Bison loves to graze. They use most of the time to find food. Then they will take a rest and look after the cub.



Facts about Bison 7: is it a dangerous animal?

If you think that bison is a docile animal, you are wrong. This animal can be dangerous. When you meet a wild bison, it is better for you to stay away. Bison is famous with its wild attack and unpredictable move.

Facts about Bison 8: speed

Even though bison is huge, it has great speed. It can jump in the air at 6 feet.

Bison Animal

Bison Animal

Facts about Bison 9: the life span

Bison can live around 30 years. Actually this animal has no natural predators. But they will be captured by the predators if the body of bison is sick, weak and old. Get facts about bichon here.

Facts about Bison 10: the types of American bison

The plains bison and wood bison are the two types of American bison.

Bison Facts

Bison Facts

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