10 Facts about Bivalves

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If you know the living organism which occupies the class of freshwater and marine molluscs, you need to check facts about bivalves. They are often called as Pelecypoda and Lamellibranchiata. The body is made in compressed look protected by the shell. It has the two hinged parts to open and close the shell. Here are some interesting facts about bivalves for you:

Facts about Bivalves 1: the place of living

Bivalves can be found living in the freshwater or even saltwater areas. The body is often buried in the sediment. Therefore, they can stay away from the predators. Sometimes, you can find them attaching the body on the hard surface, rocks or even sea floor.

Facts about Bivalves 2: the members of bivalves

Some members of bivalves include scallops, mussels, cockles, clams and oysters. All of them have shell for the inner body protection. The main composition of the shell is calcium carbonate. Due to the flexible ligament, the shell can be opened or closed.

Bivalve Farming

Bivalve Farming

Facts about Bivalves 3: the size of shell

Let’s find out the size of a shell. It comes in various sizes depending on the species. You can find it in one meter or even a millimeter for the length. In average, the shell has the shell size around 4 inches or 10 cm.

Facts about Bivalves 4: the food

People love to eat bivalves as a part of their favorite menu. The Romans cultured the oysters in ponds.  The main source of bivalve food today is from the mariculture.



Facts about Bivalves 5: eating raw

The processing and storage for shellfish should be considered carefully since people love to have it undercooked or raw. Check facts about Asian Carp here.

Facts about Bivalves 6: the natural pearls

The cost of the natural pearls is super expensive.  The most common source of the natural pearls is from the pearl oysters.  The pearl is often used to create the expensive jewelry or art.

Bivalve Sizes

Bivalve Sizes

Facts about Bivalves 7: the shell

Besides the inner body, the shell is also important for the human civilization. It is used for various purposes such as in jewelry, craftwork, or even buttons.

Facts about Bivalves 8: the living species

The scientists estimate that there are around 9,200 living species of bivalves in the world. This animal has been recorded since the beginning of Cambrian. It was around 500 million years ago.

Bivalves Facts

Bivalves Facts

Facts about Bivalves 9: the marine bivalve

Most bivalves are the marine bivalves.  They include the estuary species and brackish water species. It occupies 8,000 species from the total 9,200 species. Get facts about barnacles here.

Facts about Bivalves 10: Veneridae

Veneridae is considered as the largest marine families of bivalve. It has 680 species.

Facts about Bivalves

Facts about Bivalves

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