10 Facts about Black Beans

Saturday, July 11th 2015. | Culinary

Let me show you about the shining variety of common beans in Facts about Black Beans. This bean has the scientific name of Phaseolus vulgaris. This bean is small, black and shining. The black bean can be found in various types of cuisines in the world such as in Punjabi, Creaole, Cajun and Latin American cuisines. Here are some interesting facts about black beans below:

Facts about Black Beans 1: the name

Black bean is called in various names depending on the region. The people in USA often called it vigna mungo. The people who live in Punjabi call it Maa ki daal. In Portuguese, black bean is called feijão preto. This black turtle bean is also called simply black bean.

Facts about Black Beans 2: the famous vegetarian dishes

Black bean is one of the most important and popular vegetarian dishes in the world. The people can make the black bean burrito or even frijoles negros.

Black Bean Facts

Black Bean Facts

Facts about Black Beans 3: the national dish

Do you know that the national dish of Brazil is made of black turtle bean? The dish is called feijoada.

Facts about Black Beans 4: a soup

The black turtle bean is also used to create soup. This traditional dish can be seen in Cuba. The local people like to enjoy the black bean soup and eat it with white rice.  What a delicious dishes!

Black Beans

Black Beans

Facts about Black Beans 5: the sub varieties

There are several sub varieties of black beans such as Blackhawk, black magic, domino, valentine, nighthawk and Zorro.

Facts about Black Beans 6: the baked potato

There are many ways to serve black beans. You can have the baked potato topped with black beans.

Black Beans Facts

Black Beans Facts

Facts about Black Beans 7: the black bean soup

If you are interested to create a black bean soup, you can cook it with onions, spices and tomatoes. The soup tastes delicious to eat during the cold winter season. It keeps the body warm. Find beetroot facts here.

Facts about Black Beans 8: the fiber

Black bean is a good source of fiber.  It contains around 15 grams of fiber in a cup of black beans.

Black Bean

Black Bean

Facts about Black Beans 9: the digestive benefit

Black bean is beneficial for the digestion system due to the high amount fiber. You can enjoy the stable digestive process if the digestive system works well. Get facts about beans here.

Facts about Black Beans 10: other benefits

Other health benefits that the people can get by eating the black bean are to promote the blood sugar regulation, promote the cardiovascular organ and regulate the blood flow.

Facts about Black Beans

Facts about Black Beans

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