10 Facts about Black Bears

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Find out the interesting information about the medium sized bear in facts about black bears. This animal was originated from North America. It has the scientific name Ursus americanus. In the continent, black bear is called as the most widely distributed bear. But it is considered as the smallest one among other types of bear in North America. Let’s find out more interesting facts about black bears by reading the following post below:

Facts about Black Bears 1: the place of living

Blackbeard can be spotted living in the forests. They will leave the forest if the food is scarce. Due to the availability of food, people spot the black bears finding food in the human communities.

Facts about Black Bears 2: the common bear species

The most common bear species in America is black bear. Since the distribution of black bear in America is high, it is enlisted as the least concern in IUCN list. It means that the population of black bears is not threatened today.

Facts about Black Bears

Facts about Black Bears

Facts about Black Bears 3: the communication style

The communication of a black bear to another black bear can be conducted by marking the trees using their claws or teeth.  This behavior is very common to see among the bears. Find facts about bears here.

Facts about Black Bears 4: the relationship

If you think black bears have a relation with polar bear or brown bear. It was found out that all of them were split from the ancestor around 5.05 million years ago based on the genetic study.

Black Bears

Black Bears

Facts about Black Bears 5: the sister taxa

The black bear has closer relation with the Asian black bear. Therefore, both are called as sister taxa. Get facts about bear grylls here.

Facts about Black Bears 6: the American black bear fossil

The discovery of the American black bear fossils were in Port Kennedy, Pennsylvania. The fossils resemble the look of the Asiatic bear species.

Black Bear

Black Bear

Facts about Black Bears 7: the black bears in Canada

You can find most black bears living in Canada.  But you will never find them living in the southern farmlands of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Since 1937, the population of black bear has been extinct.

Facts about Black Bears 8: the weight

It is not easy to determine the weight of black bears. The weight is various depending on the season, health, sex and age.

Black Bear Images

Black Bear Images

Facts about Black Bears 9: the season

The season affects the weight of black bears. During the spring season, the weight of black bears is smaller than in autumn season.

Facts about Black Bears 10: the fur

The body of black bears is covered with long thick and coarse guard hair with dense underfur.

Black Bear Facts

Black Bear Facts

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