10 Facts about Black Cowboys

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Let’s get the information about the African American cowboys on Facts about Black Cowboys. The cowboys are the people who do the ranch works. There are several famous black cowboys. One of them is Nat Love. Have you ever heard about this man? He was known because of his memoirs as a cowboy. Check other interesting facts about the black cowboys in the below post:

Facts about Black Cowboys 1: Nat Love

Nat Love is one of the notable black cowboys. In 1854, he was born in Tennessee as a slave. When he was 14 years old, he wanted to have adventure by moving to the west.

Facts about Black Cowboys 2: working as cowboys

Nat Love worked as a cowboy when he was in Arizona and Texas. He was in a large cattle operation.

Black Cowboy Facts

Black Cowboy Facts

Facts about Black Cowboys 3: driving cattle and horses

Love enjoyed an amazing adventure as a cowboy. He reached Mexico, Rocky Mountains and Great Plains by riding the horses and cattle.

Facts about Black Cowboys 4: the autobiography

Love wrote the autobiography for he wanted to share his adventures in South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas. Moreover, he also reached Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico. Check facts about Australian convict here.

Black Cowboy

Black Cowboy

Facts about Black Cowboys 5: the exciting experiences

If you read the autobiography of Love, he shared the exciting experiences and stories. In the end 19th century, he had many experiences living in the cattle frontier.

Facts about Black Cowboys 6: marriage

Love left the cowboy business in 1890. It was a year after his marriage. He chose to become a Pullman porter by relocating to Colorado. He also worked as a bank guard. In 1921, he passed away. Get facts about cowboys here.

Black Cowboys

Black Cowboys

Facts about Black Cowboys 7: Bose Ikard

Another notable black cowboy is Bose Ikard. In 1847, he was born in Mississippi as a slave.

Facts about Black Cowboys 8: Charles Goodnight

Charles Goodnight was the boss of Ikard. His responsibility was to drive the cattle on the trails.

Facts about Black Cowboys

Facts about Black Cowboys

Facts about Black Cowboys 9: Isom Dart

Isom Dart is the famous black cowboy who did not obey the law. Ned Huddleston was the original name of Dart. In 1849, he was born in Arkansas. After the civil war ended, he moved to the west. He was famous as a cowboy thief. He stole horses and cattle.

Facts about Black Cowboys 10: Bill Pickett

In 1871, Bill Pickett was born. He was considered as the most notable one due to his amazing performance in the Wild West shows and rodeos in 19th and 20th century.

Black Cowboys Pic

Black Cowboys Pic

Are you impressed after reading facts about black cowboys?

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