10 Facts about Black Death

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Let me inform you with the terrible disease which occurred in Europe in 1347 to 1350 in Facts about Black Death.  The disease was contagious. There were many people died in Europe because the cure of the disease had not been discovered. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Black Death by checking the following post below:

Facts about Black Death 1: the spread of the plague in Europe

The plague spread to Europe from Asia. It went to Europe from the Silk Road. The contamination of the disease occurred from the fleas which lived on the rats.

Facts about Black Death 2: the historian point of view

The historians believed that the black rats in the merchant ships brought the disease to Europe.

Black Death Facts

Black Death Facts

Facts about Black Death 3: the black death in Europe

During the Black Death in the middle ages, there were many European people died due to the disease. It is estimated that one third of the European people died because of the disease.

Facts about Black Death 4: the black death in Paris, France

The historians believed that there were around 800 people died per day in Paris, France. The people had to carry the dead people on the massive pits because they did not have time to bury them.

Black Death

Black Death

Facts about Black Death 5: the cause of the disease

The spread of the plague was unstoppable because the people who lived in the middle ages did not know that it was carried by rats.

Facts about Black Death 6: the dirty town, cities and villages

There is no need to wonder that the dirty cities, villages, and towns were very prone to the plagues. Sometimes, all people in one dirty town were swept away by this plague.

Black Death Picture

Black Death Picture

Facts about Black Death 7: what the people did to stop the disease

The people who lived in the middle age were very scared and panic. They tried to avoid the plague by locking the door and hiding inside the house.

Facts about Black Death 8: the bubonic plague

The disease that the people during the Middle Ages experienced is called Bubonic plague today. The people died when they were contaminated by this disease in the middle age. Today, the disease is very rare. If a person has it, it is easy to him or her to recover.

Black Death Plague

Black Death Plague

Facts about Black Death 9: the symptoms

The people in the middle ages who got the disease will find the skin filled with black and blue blotches. Find out avalanches facts here.

Facts about Black Death 10: how to rebuild the infrastructure

The Black Death caused a lot of damages to the infrastructure in Europe. Therefore, it took around 150 years for the people to rebuild it again.

Facts about Black Death

Facts about Black Death

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