10 Facts about Black Holes

Friday, July 10th 2015. | Astronomy

Find out the defined region of spacetime in Facts about Black Holes. Black hole is one of the most interesting subjects to talk about if you are interested with astronomy. The scientists find out that the black hole exhibits a strong gravitational pull. If there is a particle trapped inside the black hole for it cannot escape due to the high electromagnetic radiation. Here are some interesting black hole facts:

Facts about Black Holes 1: the theory of general relativity

If you are interested to learn about the black hole formation, you need to check the theory of general relativity. The theory has predicted the formation of the compact mass of black hole.

Facts about Black Holes 2: the event horizon

The event horizon is used to call the bouncy region which exhibits no escape from the object.

Black Hole Facts

Black Hole Facts

Facts about Black Holes 3: the powerful forces

Do you know that black hole is included as one of the most powerful forces in the universe? It is also mysterious that many scientists cannot fully explain about it.

Facts about Black Holes 4: the invisible black hole

If you think that you can see black hole, you are wrong. Black hole is invisible. Since the black hole does reflect the light, we cannot see it.

Black Hole

Black Hole

Facts about Black Holes 5: how do we know that it exists?

Black hole really exists because the scientists make an observation on the objects and light trapped inside the black hole. The black hole is always associated with space-time and quantum physics.

Facts about Black Holes 6: the formation of black hole

The formation of black hole is due to the explosion of a giant star. The scientists call this giant star explosion as supernova. The giant star will explode into smaller stars. Even though the size is smaller, it has bigger mass which can absorb the light. Therefore, the black hole is established.

Black Hole Images

Black Hole Images

Facts about Black Holes 7: the size

It is not easy to find the size of the black hole. It keeps growing as it continues to absorb the light and objects. Get astronomy facts here.

Facts about Black Holes 8: the location

There are many scientists who believe that the center of the galaxies is the location of the super massive black holes.

Black Holes

Black Holes

Facts about Black Holes 9: who discovered black hole

John Michell and Pierre-Simon Laplace were the two scientists who had the first idea of black hole. The term black hole was coined by John Archibald Wheeler in 1967. He was a physicist. Find out facts about asteroid belts here.

Facts about Black Holes 10: the mass

It is very surprising to know that the mass of black hole is equal with the mass of millions of suns.

Facts about Black Holes

Facts about Black Holes

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