10 Facts about Black Labs

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If you are interested to know the gentle family dog, you need to check Facts about Black Labs. This black Labrador retriever is often called as black labs. Since this dog is very spirited and loyal, it is very popular as a pet in American household. The black lab is always treated like a part of the family at home. This dog can adapt well in new cities and countries. Here are some interesting facts about black labs for you:

Facts about Black Labs 1: the origin

Lack labs were originated from Newfoundland. When the fishermen caught the fish using the nets, the black labs often helped them. This dog will pull out the fish so that it will not escape from the net.

Facts about Black Labs 2: the name

The dog got the name as Labrador retriever after the native dog was breed with setters, Spaniels and other retriever dogs.

Facts about Black Labs

Facts about Black Labs

Facts about Black Labs 3: the skill

Black labs are very popular not only because of their amazing personalities but also the impressive skills. This family pet is very active when retrieving the small game.

Facts about Black Labs 4: the recognition

In 1917, the first recognition of black Labrador was received from the American Kennal Club.

Black Labs

Black Labs

Facts about Black Labs 5: the personalities

Black Labrador is notable with its easygoing and calm personalities. This animal is also intelligent. They are dedicated, loyal and gentle to the family. Find out facts about African Wild Dogs here.

Facts about Black Labs 6: the coat texture

The wavy texture can be seen in most black labs’ coat. In average, it has weather resistance dense of short coat.

Black Labs Pic

Black Labs Pic

Facts about Black Labs 7: the physical appearance

You can find the ears of black labs hanging near the head. The tail is unique for it resembles a hook at the end of the tail. The eyes show the warm expression.

Facts about Black Labs 8: the weight

In average, the male black labs have the weight around 65 to 80 lbs.  The female black labs have the weight around 55 to 70 lbs.

Black Lab

Black Lab

Facts about Black Labs 9: health

If you have black labs at home, you need to make sure that you can maintain the animal’s health.  The dog has higher risk of having eye problems and hip dysplasia. Moreover, it is also prone to cancer like oral melanoma and cutaneous melanoma. Get facts about American bulldog here.

Facts about Black Labs 10:the life span

The life span of black labs is around 12 years old.

Black Labrador

Black Labrador

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