10 Facts about Black Lung

Sunday, July 12th 2015. | Health

Let me show you Facts about Black Lung if you want to know the about the CWP or coal workers’ pneumoconiosis. This health condition is very bad if it is not treated well.  The main cause is due to the long exposure of coal dust. Get more facts about black lung disease below:

Facts about Black Lung 1: the high risk

The high risk of having black lung is often seen on the people who often work with coal. The coal miners also have higher risk.

Facts about Black Lung 2: the effect

The effect of inhaling coal dust is similar when you have the tobacco smoking or when you inhale silica dust.

Black History Month People

Black History Month People

Facts about Black Lung 3: the coal dust

If you inhale the coal dust all of the time, it can create health problem for the long term effect. The coal dust is not easy to eliminate from the body.

Facts about Black Lung 4: the serious health problems

When the coal dust is accumulated in the body, it can lead into fibrosis, inflammation or even necrosis.

Facts about Black Lung

Facts about Black Lung

Facts about Black Lung 5: the milder form of disease

The milder form of disease of black lung is called anthracosis. This condition can be found in the urban people who live in the city with great air pollution. If the coal dust pollution is high and the person inhales it for a long time, it can lead into black lung disease or CWP.

Facts about Black Lung 6: the industrial bronchitis

The industrial bronchitis is another health problem faced the workers who are exposed to coal dust. The symptom of this bronchitis includes productive cough which can last for three months per year.

Black Lung Disease

Black Lung Disease

Facts about Black Lung 7: the risk of industrial bronchitis

There are several factors which affect the severe condition of the industrial bronchitis. It can be seen based on the smoking, exposure, job and age. Find out fact about asthma.

Facts about Black Lung 8: the smokers and nonsmokers

The smokers have higher possibilities to develop the industrial bronchitis. Another recent report finds out that the coal miners who develop the industrial bronchitis is around 16 to 17 percent.

Black Lung and Worker

Black Lung and Worker

Facts about Black Lung 9: the mortality rate

In 1990, the mortality rate for the CWP was 29,000 deaths. It was reduced to 25,000 deaths in 2013. Get facts about being healthy here.

Facts about Black Lung 10: the removal

When the coal dust enters the lung, it will not be able to remove or even destroy.

Black Lung

Black Lung

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