10 Facts about Black Mambas

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If you want to know an extremely venomous snake in the world, you have to look at Facts about Black Mambas. Have you ever seen black mamba before? You have to stay away from this snake. It has the scientific name Dendroaspis polylepis. Albert Günther described the black mamba for the first time in 1864. You can find black mambas endemic to sub Saharan Africa. Here are some interesting facts about black mambas below:

Facts about Black Mambas 1: the name

The name of black mamba is taken from the inky black mouth interior. Some people think that the name is taken from the scale color. It is not true.

Facts about Black Mambas 2: the length

Based on the length, black mamba takes the second place of the longest venomous snake in the world. The first place is taken by king cobra. In Africa, it is the longest species of the venomous snake.

Facts about Black Mambas

Facts about Black Mambas

Facts about Black Mambas 3: the length of black mamba

In average, the adult snake of black mamba has the length around 6.6 feet or 2 meters to 9.8 feet or 3 meters.

Facts about Black Mambas 4: the speed

If you check the speed of black mamba, you will be impressed for this snake is super fast. It is considered as one of the fastest snakes in the world. In a short distance, it can reach the speed at 6.8 miles per hour or 11 kilometer per hour.

Black Mambas Facts

Black Mambas Facts

Facts about Black Mambas 5: the mating season

During the spring season, you can find black mambas mate.  The breeding time occurs per year. The gestation period for the female black mambas is around 80 to 90 days. The color of the baby black mamba is soft and light. When it grows into adult, the body color gets darker. Check black bears facts here.

Facts about Black Mambas 6:  how to find the black mambas

Black mambas like to live in the terrestrial habitats by building lairs.  You can find them arboreal in some cases.  But actually black mambas are included as the tree dwelling snakes.

Black Mambas Color

Black Mambas Color

Facts about Black Mambas 7: the habitats

Black mambas can be found in Africa. They like living in the rocky slopes, savannahs, dense forest or even woodlands.

Facts about Black Mambas 8: the diet

Black mambas will like to hunt bushbabies, hyrax and small mammals for their food.

Black Mamba

Black Mamba

Facts about Black Mambas 9: the venom

You have to be careful with black mambas for it is a venomous snake. Within 45 minutes, this highly toxic of black mamba can make you collapse. Get facts about black lbs here.

Facts about Black Mambas 10: death

When the person is bitten by black mama, they should get the effective antivenom therapy.  The patient can be dead in 7 to 15 hours.

Black Mambas

Black Mambas

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