10 Facts about Black Panthers

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Facts about Black Panthers tell you about the panther that you can find in Africa, America and Asia. It is included as one of the Panther species which has the melanistic color variants. There are two types of black panthers based on their range. The black jaguars are the Black Panther that you can find in Americas. It has the scientific name Panthera onca.  The black panthers in Asia and Africa are leopard. The scientific name is Panthera pardus. Get more interesting facts about black panthers by reading the following post below:

Facts about Black Panthers 1: the melanism

The melanism in the leopard and black jaguar is different. The melanism in Panthera pardus or leopard is caused by a recessive allele.  The dominant allele causes the melanism in black jaguar.

Facts about Black Panthers 2: the ghost striping

The ghost striping is the typical marking that you can see on the black cats. Even though it is not easy to find out the marking, you need to do a very close examination.

Facts about Black Panthers

Facts about Black Panthers

Facts about Black Panthers 3: the benefits of black panthers

The Black Panther has a benefit by having the melanism.  It is easier for them to catch the prey if they live in the dense forest where the light is very low. The prey is not easy to spot their existence due to the black and dark body.

Facts about Black Panthers 4: the mutation

The mutation of the immune system is always associated with the melanism.

Black Panthers Pic

Black Panthers Pic

Facts about Black Panthers 5: the Javan leopard

In the past, the Javan leopard was described with silver grey eyes, dark black spot and black body.

Facts about Black Panthers 6: the habitat of Black panthers

The black leopards can be seen living in African mountains. You can spot them in Mount Kenya. You can also see them living in the tropical and equatorial rainforest.

Black Panther

Black Panther

Facts about Black Panthers 7: in Asia

Black leopard is very common in Asia. You can spot them in Nepal, Assam, southern India, Travancore, Java, Myanmar and southwestern China. Get facts about big cats here.

Facts about Black Panthers 8: the captivity

You can find black panthers living in the captivity such as in the exotic pet trades and zoo.

Black Panther Pictures

Black Panther Pictures

Facts about Black Panthers 9: the fertility

It is believed that the fertility level of the wild leopard is higher than the black leopard living in the captivity.

Facts about Black Panthers 10: black panthers in Australia

Black panthers can be spotted in Australia too such as in the rural of New South Wales and Victoria. Get facts about Australian animals here.

Black Panther Image

Black Panther Image

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