10 Facts about Black Pepper

Monday, July 13th 2015. | Culinary

Facts about Black Pepper talk about the notable type of seasoning or spice.   The scientific name of black pepper is piper nigrum. The plant is included in the Piperaceae family.  Black pepper is cultivated in the world for the people want to take the fruit. To make it into seasoning or spruce, people will dry the fruit first. Let’s find out other facts about black pepper for you:

Facts about Black Pepper 1: peppercorn

The diameter of the dried black pepper is around 0.20 inches or 5 millimetres. When it is dried, you can call it peppercorn. It has a single seed. When it is fully matured, the color of the fruit is dark red.

Facts about Black Pepper 2: the black pepper description

When the pepper fruit is cooked or dried unripe fruit, you can call it black pepper. The white pepper is created by ripening the fruit seed. The green pepper is derived from drying the unripe fruit.

Facts about Black Pepper

Facts about Black Pepper

Facts about Black Pepper 3: the native plant

You can find black pepper cultivated in various parts of the tropical world. But this plant is native to south India.

Facts about Black Pepper 4: the largest producer of black pepper

Even though it is native to south India, the largest exporter and producer of pepper in the world is Vietnam.  Based on the report in 2008, it produced 34 percent of the total pepper nigrum.

Black Pepper Seeds

Black Pepper Seeds

Facts about Black Pepper 5: the usage of black pepper

The black pepper has been used by the people for the traditional medicine and seasoning since the antiquity time.

Facts about Black Pepper 6: the spice

The usage of black pepper as spice can be traced in various kinds of European cuisines. When it is used as a seasoning, it is mixed with salt.

Black Pepper Pic

Black Pepper Pic

Facts about Black Pepper 7: the categorization of peppercorns

The place of origin is used to categorize the types of peppercorns.  The Malabar Coast in India has two types of peppercorns. Both are Tellicherry and Malabar. Check beef facts here.

Facts about Black Pepper 8: White Muntok pepper and Sarawak pepper

Indonesia is the producer of White Muntok pepper.  Some parts of Borneo Island in Malaysia produce the Sarawak pepper.

Black Pepper Organic

Black Pepper Organic

Facts about Black Pepper 9: the Vietnamese production of black and white pepper

In Vietnam, there are several regions which produce the black and white pepper.

Facts about Black Pepper 10:the Kampot pepper

There are four types of Kampot pepper grown in Cambodia. Those are white, red, green and black pepper. Get facts about black beans here.

Black Pepper Facts

Black Pepper Facts

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