10 Facts about Black Power

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If are interested to know the name of the different ideologies of the black or African descent, you have to check facts about black power. The African American people who lived in United States used the black power political slogan. In the end of 1960s and 1970s, this black power was very well known in United States. Get more interesting facts about black power by reading the following post below:

Facts about Black Power 1: the black power emphasis in America

Let’s find out the emphasis of black power in America. It was used to promote the collective interest of the black people.  This power was also used to create the black cultural and political institutions which showed the racial pride.

Facts about Black Power 2: the political movement

Black power was involved in political movement too.  The people wanted to abolish the oppression based on the race.

Facts about Black Power

Facts about Black Power

Facts about Black Power 3: the usage of black power

Richard Wright was the writer of the book Black Power in 1954. People believed that the term was firstly used in that book. However, he did not coin this term.

Facts about Black Power 4: the word replacement

The term black power was replaced by the word Freedom Now. The new term was coined by Martin Luther King. He was the non violent leader of black movement in America.  The Freedom Now was used as the new slogan.

Black Power in Sport

Black Power in Sport

Facts about Black Power 5: the black power activism and civil right movement

The black people who participated in civil right movement and black power activism included Fay Bellamy Powell, Maya Angelou, Robert F. Williams and Rosa Parks.

Facts about Black Power 6: the black separatism

Black power was also used by certain people or organization to promote the black separatism. You can check it on Black Panther Party established in 1960s.

Black Panther Party Facts

Black Panther Party Facts

Facts about Black Power 7: the Black power in summer Olympic

In 1968 Summer Olympics, people were impressed when they found out the unexpected demonstration of black power. Find out facts about apartheid here.

Facts about Black Power 8: the gold and bronze medalist

Tommie Smith was the gold medalist and John Carlos was the bronze medalist from United States who were on the podium as the winners in the Summer Olympics 1968. Both were the two African American who made people surprised.

Black Power

Black Power

Facts about Black Power 9: the political problem

The political problems faced by the black people were not solved by the black power movement. However, it gave a big impact to develop the black politics. Find out facts about Black Panther Party here.

Facts about Black Power 10: the pride

The black power also encouraged the black people to be proud with their race. It was seen in the famous phrase black is beautiful.

Black Power Facts

Black Power Facts

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