10 Facts about Black Rhinos

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Let me show you the species of rhinoceros which is native to central and eastern Africa in Facts about Black Rhinos. Have you ever met this rhino? This animal has the scientific name of Diceros bicornis.  This hook lipped rhinos are considered as black rhinos. However, the body color can be in grey or brown. Here are other interesting facts about black rhinos for you:

Facts about Black Rhinos 1: the native

Black rhinos are native to Namibia, Cameroon, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Angola and South Africa.

Facts about Black Rhinos 2: the white and black rhinos

Actually, Africa is also a home to white rhinos. They are different from the black rhinos. The black rhinos have the hook lips. On the other hand, the white rhinos are the square lipped rhinos.

Facts about Black Rhinos

Facts about Black Rhinos

Facts about Black Rhinos 3: the endangered species

The rhinos are included as the critically endangered species. In 2011, IUCN included the western black rhinos as extinct animals.

Facts about Black Rhinos 4: the weight of adult black rhinos

Let’s find out the weight of black rhinos. It has the weight around 1,800 to 3,100 lbs or 800 to 1,400 kg. The male black rhinos have bigger body than the female counterparts.

Black Rhinos Facts

Black Rhinos Facts

Facts about Black Rhinos 5: the height of black rhinos

The height of black rhinos has the height around 55 to 71 inches or 140 to 180 cm. It has the length around 9.8 to 12.3 feet or 3 to 3.75 m.

Facts about Black Rhinos 6: the horn

Black rhinos are famous with their horns. The length of the horn is around 20 inches or 50 cm. There are two horns are located on the skull. They are made of keratin.

Black Rhino

Black Rhino

Facts about Black Rhinos 7: the longest horn

The longest horns ever found on black rhinos have the length around 4.9 feet or 1.5 inches. Check facts about black mambas here.

Facts about Black Rhinos 8: the function of the horn

Can you mention the function of the black rhinos’ horn? Both are used to dig up roots, defense mechanism, break branches or even intimidate others.

Black Rhino Pic

Black Rhino Pic

Facts about Black Rhinos 9: the body of white and black rhinos

The white rhinos have bigger body if you compare them with black rhinos. Moreover, the white rhinos have closer relation with the Javan rhinos from Indonesia. Get facts about Black Panther here.

Facts about Black Rhinos 10: the differences

The differences of black rhinos and white rhinos can be seen not only from the body size, but also from the skull and ears. The position of the head of white rhinos is shorter than black rhinos.

Black Rhinos

Black Rhinos

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