10 Facts about Black Saturday

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Facts about Black Saturday inform you with the famous day after the Good Friday. In Latin, people call it Sabbatum Sanctum. There are various names to call the Black Saturday such as Holly Saturday, Easter Eve, Saturday of Light, Joyous Saturday and Great Sabbath. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Black Saturday by reading the following post below:

Facts about Black Saturday 1: the Christians

The Christians will prepare for Easter during the Black Saturday. Therefore, it is the last day of the Holy Week and the day before the Easter.

Facts about Black Saturday 2: Jesus Christ

The day is used by the Christians to commemorate the day when the body of Jesus Christ laid on the tomb.

Facts about Black Saturday

Facts about Black Saturday

Facts about Black Saturday 3: the Easter Saturday

People also call Black Saturday as Easter Saturday. But some people believe that this term is not correct for the term can only be used to call the Saturday during the Easter Week.

Facts about Black Saturday 4: the Australian states

The Australian states of Queensland and New South Wales used the term Easter Saturday to call the day between the Good Friday and Easter Sunday in the legislation.

Black Saturday

Black Saturday

Facts about Black Saturday 5: Our Lady of Solitude

The Blessed Virgin Mary gets the title as Our Lady of Solitude on this day. She gets the title due to her grief of solace because of the Jesus Christ’s death.

Facts about Black Saturday 6: the Roman Catholic churches

The chancel in Roman Catholic churches is bare. It also has limited administration of sacraments during the day.

Black Saturday Pic

Black Saturday Pic

Facts about Black Saturday 7: the Viaticum to the dying

Viaticum to the dying will be given the Holy Communion during the day.  Others who will be administered include Anointing the Sick, Penance and Baptism since they are included as the dying. Get facts about Baptism here.

Facts about Black Saturday 8: black

The altars in most churches of Lutherans, Anglicans, and Methodist are covered in black. The people commemorate the day by reading about the burial of Jesus Christ.

Black Saturday Image

Black Saturday Image

Facts about Black Saturday 9: Great Sabbath

The Black Saturday is often called as Great Sabbath for the Moravian churches in North America. However, it is called as Easter Eve in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. The Anglican churches like to celebrate Easter at dawn. Get facts about Anointing the Sick here.

Facts about Black Saturday 10: the day of Black Saturday

Black Saturday is used to match the beginning of the Easter Season. It lasts until dusk or 6 pm.

Black Saturday Facts

Black Saturday Facts

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