10 Facts about Blackbeard

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Facts about Blackbeard talk about the famous pirate in the world.  During the Golden Age of Pirate, he was the notable one. The name Blackbeard is always associated with piracy. He gave major influence even though this man was short lived. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Blackbeard below:

Facts about Blackbeard 1: the date and place of birth

Blackbeard is not his real name. This man was born around 1680 in Bristol. His real name was Edward Teach.

Facts about Blackbeard 2: a commander of the ship

Before he took command of a ship, he only sailed on privateers.  But he was prompted to command the ship due to his personal courage and unique boldness.

Blackbeard Facts

Blackbeard Facts

Facts about Blackbeard 3: when did Blackbeard become a pirate?

There is no definite record when he decided to become a pirate. But it is believed that he decided to become a pirate in the late 1716.

Facts about Blackbeard 4: the famous nickname

He was known as Blackbeard, not Edward Teach. He got this nickname due to his large black beard. It covered most parts of his face. He also created a style using his beard by making the beard into small tails. He tied those using ribbons. What a wonderful hairstyle! Get facts about beard here.

Blackbeard Movie

Blackbeard Movie

Facts about Blackbeard 5: Queen Anne’s Revenge

Queen Anne’s Revenge was the ship of Blackbeard. It was a French ship named La Concorder which was captured by Blackbeard in November 1717. Then he changed the name of the ship as Queen Anne-Revenge. He also updated the fire by installing 40 canons on the ships.

Facts about Blackbeard 6: Charles Town, Carolina

Blackbeard was able to capture a lot of prisoners and ships when he went to Charles Town, Carolina. He demanded a chest of medicine to the government and he released the prisoners. Find out another pirate in Black Bart facts here.

Blackbeard Pirate

Blackbeard Pirate

Facts about Blackbeard 7: marriage

The history stated that Blackbeard had a lot of wife. It was believed that he married 14 times.

Facts about Blackbeard 8: Bermuda

He met two or three ships when his ship was reaching Bermuda. He let those ships go after taking the provision that he needed.



Facts about Blackbeard 9: Governor of Virginia

Governor of Virginia made complain against Blackbeard. Therefore, there were rewards offered for the people who killed or captured pirates.

Facts about Blackbeard 10: death

Blackbeard died after he was shot five times by Lieutenant Robert Maynard from the Royal Navy. Blackbeard also had 20 other wounds. Maynard was in charge of handling the pirate under the command of Virginian governor. His head was taken and tucked on the bowsprit of ship. The body was thrown on the sea.

Facts about Blackbeard

Facts about Blackbeard

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